Parker Stevenson full name is Richard Stevenson Parker Jr and he is a film and television actor of American origins. He was born in the city of Main Line in Philadelphia city found in Pennsylvania State. His father is Richard Stevenson Sr and he was born with a brother. His mother is Sarah Meade. His father was investment advisor and his mother was actress and acted in television commercials and at Broadway. His mother was taking him to the filming sessions at the age of five. This is when he started to appear in some television shows. However, his father was not approving the involvement and moved the family to live in Rye, in New York. Even if Richard appeared in some plays while at Brooks Preparatory School, he did not have intention of working as an actor his entire life.

According to his biography, the first remarkable role he was in, it is A Separate Peace that took place in the year 1972. This is when he got credited like Parker Stevenson. After finishing the studies at Brooks School, he went to Princeton University where he did architecture. When he went in Hollywood, he got the role to play with Sam Elliot in the Lifeguard film.

He became to be well known by starring with Shaun Cassidy, while playing in The hardy Boys and in Nancy Drew Mysteries under MCA-Universal Television production company of Glen A Larson. He starred like Billy Hazard for the television miniseries named North and South: Book II. He was co-starring with his ex-wife Kristie Alley and was his sister called Virgilia Hazard. He was in Probe TV series where he played as Austin James. He also worked with the original cast for Baywatch. He played in the role of the computer tycoon called Melrose Place during its second season. He was in the Legion and in the year 2014, he got a guest role for Longmire, a mix of mystery and western series.

Parker Stevenson had worked like a photographer since the time he was young and the work he did may be found at photography website called ShadowWorks. He loved to work in photography from the time he was only 14 and was taking the picture of the weeding. But he was not comfortable doing this. He was printing while in college and started to shoot portraits afterwards. He had a post processing facility when the photos were black and white and required the dark room for the production. However, now he uses digital shooting. He has uses camera bag of 35-300 zoom lens with a Nikon D700.

Parker Stevenson got married to Kristie Alley in 1983 but they divorced in 1997. They have been together for over 15 years. They adopted two children, Lillie Price and William True. They share the custody of the children.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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