Parker Schnabel is a gold miner and a famous TV personality who gained fame from the Discovery Channel show, “Gold Rush”. EARLY LIFE Born to Nancy and Roger Schnabel on 22nd July 1994 in Haines, he grew up as the elder child of his parents. He has a sibling, Payson Schnabel. The family owns a Goldmine named as Big Nugget mine which was founded by his Grandfather John Schnabel. Parker was brought up in Porcupine Creek.

He completed his school education and discontinued college to look after his family business. He became very responsible at an early age and understood business very well. Even when in school, he shared many discussions with his father regarding the business. Though he has not received any university degree, his ideas and skills as a businessman were excellent from the initial stage.


He became famous for the first season of a reality show named Gold Rush season telecasted by Discovery Channel. Rather than attending college, as was the trend among people of his age, Parker used his college funds to establish mining business operation. His parents never agreed to his decision of using this money in business but he went against them and invested it.

His performance was brilliant in all the three seasons of the reality show. He as well grabbed its spin-offs, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail and Gold Rush: The Dirt. His grandfather has been a major influence on his gold mining career. The ‘Gold Rush’ star has a net worth of two million dollars at the young age of twenty-two. Therefore from an early age, he started earning with his net worth and Gold Rush was a good platform for him to elaborate his capability.

He is a passionate miner and with his team, he discovered 3.7 million dollars’ worth of gold in the sixth season of ‘Gold Rush’ where they mined 3362 ounces of gold and this was a record in the history of the ‘Gold Rush’. This humongous success was not easy for Parker. He had to undergo a lot of hassle. He worked for long hours with his crew members because of his passion for mining and to make a fortune for himself.

Now he is at the apex of the mining business. This young lad has proved that hard work and determination pays off always. He has mastered the skill of mining so well that he leads a team of his workers who are twice of his age. He has appeared alongside Rick Ness on Gold Rush which has given him more recognition.


His personal life is not known much to the public. There is no proof of Parker being divorced or married. Ashley Youle is the name of his girlfriend and they have been in a relationship for a while. He seems to get busy in social charity side by side and is also linked with some popular organizations which take care of the orphans.

Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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