Quick facts
Birth date 14 Jan, 1967
Age 52 yrs
Occupations Television presenter
Citizenship United Kingdom
Birth place Herne Bay
Gender Female
Description English television presenter

Nicki Chapman is known as a blonde who had established herself like the leading woman in the music field and she is known in the world like the super English presenter and has a vital part in British Pop music industry. Besides, she works as a judge of many pop competitions of music and television reality shows.

Bio Wiki

According to her bio on different wiki sites, Nicki Chapman was born in the year 1967 and it was on 14 January. She was born in the State of Kent in United Kingdom and this is where she grew up. She was living with her parents and had a little sister named Shelley. However, more information on the family is not present up to now. She is of white ethnicity and she is of British Citizen.

Facts and Net Worth

Nicki Chapman did not have a good start and she was earning very little when she was at tender age. She took a long journey in her television and music career. She started to work as a promotion assistant of MCA records and it was when she was 21 years old. She was happy working in this place and she got a promotion of becoming the RCA. She worked in this capacity up to the time she become the partner of Brilliant!, a PR company. She kept into communication with Simon Fuller and in the year 1990s, she joined his company called 19 entertainment. It was the experience that she wanted so that she can reach to the limelight. Afterwards, she made appearance like a judge for a famous television show known as Popstars and then at Pop Idol. She grew up to work with many well known people like Peter Wateman, Simon Cowell and Paul Adam. She is now working at different projects on ITV and BBC. She had worked for BBC’s Breakfast and Holidays at Home and many more. She was also the host of ITV cookery show Soapstar Superchef. Besides this, she did make the guest appearances in movies and she is on different channels, talent shows and programs. In her career, Nicki Chapman appeared on different musical and television shows and she was making a salary of up to 5 million every year. She has a Net worth of 34 million dollars.

Divorce, Husband, Married and Children

Nicki got married and her husband is Dave Shackleton who works as the vice president for Sony BMG International. They met in the year 1991 and Chapman was only 21 years old. She was looking for a job in the same musical industry and this is when they met. They started to date at once and they got married in few years. She had no record of previous relationship or divorce. She does not have any children with her husband.


Last Modified: 25 Nov, 2018

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