Quick facts
Birth date 19 Apr, 1980
Age 39 yrs
Occupations Singer
Television actor
Birth place San Jose
Education University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Gender Male

Nick Groff, born Nicholas Nick Groff on 19th April 1980, is a U.S. Paranormal investigator, television personality, and musician. Presently, he is busy as the leading investigator in the TV series entitled Paranormal Lockdown, and the Ghosts of Shepherdstown. He had been executive producer and co-investigator in the Ghost Adventures, and a cameraman and editor of the show for its 1st to 10th seasons. He had also been the executive producer in the show Vegas Stripped on Travel Channel.

Personal Life

Groff spent his early life in Nashua, New Hampshire, and did his graduation from Pelham High School situated there. Later, he learnt acting in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He fell from a tree when he was eight years old, and described it as “a near death experience”. At the age of ten, he saw, as per his own revelation, a ghost at his home when he was all alone.

He has married Veronique in the year 2004, and they have together two daughters. The two daughters are named Annabele, born 2012, and Chloe, born in 2014. They are residing at a place outside Boston, Massachusetts. There is no information available that he ever divorced his wife. He made friends with Bagans at the time of his wedding. He claims to have been possessed by an unknown entity in Savannah, Georgia, and describes it as a “life changing experience”.

He also claims to have a brush with a spirit in East Los Angeles in a hospital, and it provided him an insight into the life that comes after death. He also claims to have been possessed by a spirit in Natchez Mississippi while investigating King’s Tavern. Later in 2004, he produced his own documentary film entitled Ghost Adventures teaming up with Zak Bagans. On 24th November 2014, he announced his intension not to return to Ghost Adventures in the ensuing season.


Groff undertook and worked on different projects after his several encounters with spirits. He claims to have encountered ghost, and that has given him knowledge about the after death life. He brought his own brand of clothing, and named the establishment “Phantom Collection”. In 2004, the crew of Ghost Adventure took shape, and they travelled to haunted places for ghost adventures. He wrote his biography entitled “Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew” in the year 2012.

He released two albums of music entitled “The Other Side” and “Spiritual War: Good Vs Evil” the same year. The “Vegas Stripped” in 2012 and “Ghost Stalkers” in 2014 are two important projects undertaken by him. In 2016, his show “Paranormal Lockdown” has broken all previous records the network had, and due to its resounding success, it got renewed for the second season. He has announced that its third season in 2018 is very much in the offing. He has also been working on another show “Shepherdstown”. As per his biography and available records, his net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Last Modified: 19 Jul, 2018

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