Nathan Kane is a man well known to be Eminem’s brother. Since his brother is well known hip hop artist, then the world also wants to get to know him. Even if he lives into the shadow of his brig brother, he still has his own life to live.

He had a rough childhood. In case you know about Eminem, then you had also learned about how he had problems while growing up. Most of the troubles, he is blaming it to his mother called Deborah Mathers. However, even if Nathan was born in 14 years of the birth of Eminem, he also suffered the same problem as Eminem did. Where Nathan was studying, the authorities talked about how Debbie was abusing and neglecting Nathan. This is why they put him in the foster care. Afterwards, Eminem asked the responsibility to be in charge of raising him. Eminem is the half brother to Nathan and his mother got him with a man called Fred J Samara.

While growing up, he was watching what his brother did and he tried to emulate what he was doing. When he was 13, he sung like the young Eminem in a music video called Without Me. In the year 2000, Eminem took him to the Up In Smoke tour. When he had a busy schedule, Eminem sent him to Detroit Music Award so that he can represent him. He got an award in the name of Eminem and in the year 2003, while Eminem was accepting a VMA, he gave out a shout for Nathan.

According to his biography, because of the exposure he had to Eminem, he ended up becoming also a rapper. He started to rap using the name Nate Kane but he was not able to achieve to the level of success that Eminem reached.

He had not been able to make the song that reached the mainstream. Some of the songs that are well known as Slide on Over Both, and Shadow of a Celebrity.

According to his biography, even if rapping was not easy for him, he tried other things. He is an actor and the debut work he had was in Devils Night Dawn of the Nain Rouge. This is a horror film and it was directed and also co-written by Sam Logan Khaleghi. He also works like a personal trainer and he likes to post pictures of himself while promoting supplements and eating healthy meals.

Nathan Kane is in love with a lady called Ashley Mae. They are engaged and they will get married soon. The couple had three children together. Even if his father had not been around while growing up, he was using his name. However, he asked that he can change the name from Samara and can be called Mathers as his brother. He was arrested because of DUI driving.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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