Nancy Ann Travis is a renowned actress and a popular producer of American origin.


travis was born on September 21st 1961, in New York City to a Catholic couple Theresa (her mother), a social worker and Gordon Travis (her father), a sales executive. She was raised in Boston, Baltimore, Massachusetts and Maryland (US). Travis attended Framingham North High School and graduated in 1979. She went to New York University and studied drama there. She took part in dramas and stage programmes and this helped her to refine her acting skills to a great extent. In 1994, the actress married American film and TV producer Robert N. Fried, founder and CEO of Feeln, Production Company. The couple was blessed with two sons, Benjamin, born in 1998 and Jeremy, born in 2001.


Nancy got her first job after completing her graduation at “The American Jewish Theatre” in New York City in a play titled as “It’s hard to be a Jew” and this paved a way to her acting career. She had been a founding member of Off – Broadway Theatre Company. In the year 198, she made her debut on television with a TV film “Malice in Wonderland”.

She played the role of Ann and got huge publicity after acting in this film. Nancy made her first debut with the movie “Three Men and a Baby Land” in the year 1987 and gained popularity in the film world. She played the role of Sylvia Bennington in the movie and this gave her worldwide recognition. Travis was loved and praised by all for her marvellous acting.

She appeared in a number of thriller movies, action comedies, romantic dramas and gained stardom from movies like ‘The Last Man Standing’, ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’, ‘So I Married a Murderer’, ‘Almost Perfect’. She has too appeared in TV series like “Fallen Angels’, ‘Duckman’, and ‘Spencer for Hire’. She has lent her voice to the role of Aunt Bernice in the show ‘Duckman’ aired in 1997. She was a co-executive producer of the TV show ‘Work with me’.

The actress has also hosted a TV show ‘The View’ in 2003. In 2007, she starred in a movie written by her husband, titled ‘Sally’ and featured her elder son Benjamin. Nancy, who is no stranger to TV screens has also been a guest in many TV shows like ‘The Talk’, ‘Home & Family’, ‘Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’. Later, in the year 2011, she joined the cast of very famous ABC sitcom series ‘Last Man Standing’ and was seen in the role of Vanessa Baxter. Nancy s a net worth of about two million dollars. Recently she has also played the role in the Netflix comedy series ‘The Kominsky Method’.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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