Nancy Chambers is an actress from the United States of America.

Personal Life

Born on the 1st of October in the year of 1963 at Thunder Bay at Ontario in Canada, Nancy has been married to her husband named David James Elliot from the year of 1992. Although there have been floating around the rumors of divorce, the couple have stayed together and the marriage has seen through thick and thin bearing the couple 2 beautiful children. The couple together have a beautiful daughter named Stephanie who was born in the year of 1993 and son Wyatt born in the year of 2003. Nancy is still a stunning lady although she is in the 52nd year of her life.

Nancy and her husband David are now the registered citizens of the United States of America. Nancy is also a member person of a board called A Better LA which happens to be a no profit no loss organization. Nancy and her husband David are staunch supporters of environmental conserves and have dedicated a major chunk of their lives to the cause by having spent a notable amount of time in the wildlands of Ecuador.

They sold off their house which they own in the Palm Desert so that they can spend more time among the tribes residing in the thick jungles of Ecuador. The villa which the couple owned in the Palm Dessert area was sold for a staggering 1.10 million US dollar.

The couple also together runs a profitable real estate venture wherein hey have sod other properties in the palm dessert area. A villa in Brentwood was built by the couple in the ear of 2007. It was a Tuscan style arrangement. The bungalow itself occupied about three quarters of a one-acre land with an outdoor kitchen, a guest house, a swimming pool, seven bathrooms, fie bedrooms a home theatre among many other facilities to name of. The property had been inflated to a price of bout 9.1 million US dollars and the rent of the property fetched a round 35 thousand US Dollars a month.


Nancy Chambers made her debut in the 1983 film named Screwballs in which, she made a portrayal of a young and gnarly teen named Trisha. After that, Nancy mostly held on to the tv series depictions and has many credits to her name which happen to include the 1991 series Legacy of Stanley Wall, 1999 starrer LA Heat Death house, 2000 series Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction Curse, 2001 hit series Dodson’s Journey, 2003 starrer Code 11 14, The Man who lost himself in the year of 2005 and at last the Ghost whisperer in the year of 2008.

Nancy’s major role which gained her enormous fame and a huge chunk of fan following was the coveted tv series about Naval Court drama series which was based on the Naval division of the Judge Advocate General was the tv series JAG. She portrayed the role of the smart Lt. Loren Singer and was a part of the series for 40 episodes. She has a personal net worth of about 35 Million US dollars.

Last Modified: 04 Aug, 2018

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