She was born on November 20, 1978 and today Nadine Velazquez is considered to be a highly successful American model and actress. She is known for her stunning looks and figure. Additionally, Nadine also is quite talented as an actress and her roles in many films still continue to linger in the mind of people. The roles of Velazquez in titles such as My Name Is Earl and The League still continue to be talked about quite a bit.

Further she also has made quite a mark in films such as War and Flight and also has worked in many TV series including the likes of Major Crimes. Therefore at the end of the day, there are reasons to believe that she has quite a bit going her way when her biography is being written and talked about. It will certainly be a good source of information for her friends and fans who would like to get the best possible information from a single source.

Early Life

Nadine Velazquez was born in the state of Illinois and her city of birth was Chicago. She belongs to a Puerto Rican descent. She did her schooling from the Notre Dame High School for Girls and it would be pertinent to mention that she also completed her Bachelor of Arts qualification specializing in Marketing. This Nadine did from the Columbia College, Chicago in the year 2001.

Personal Life

The stunning and extremely good looking Velazquez certainly had many men. However, the lucky man was Marc Provissiero from Philadelphia. Marc basically was a talent agent and both Marc and Nadine tied the knot in 2005. It was believed that they will have an awesome married life but it did not happen that way. Nadine divorced Marc in the year 2001 after six years of marriage. It is not yet very clear whether she is in for second relationship. Hence the latest part of her personal life is covered in a bit of confusion and there is secrecy surrounding it.

Net Worth

The net worth of Nadine Velazquez is estimated to be around $3 million dollars.


Let us now look at the career of Nadine and it certainly is quite colorful, eventful and most importantly successful. Because of her gorgeous looks she has appeared in many films, televisions and print advertisements. Her first break in the big screen happened in the year 2003 with the title Biker Boyz. Since then she has acted in fifteen movies and most of them have been well received. A new movie of hers by the name Aztec Warrior Lisa is in the making.

Further Nadine’s small screen venture also has been good. It all started in 2003 with The Bold and Beautiful where her role of Anna was impressive. Since then she has acted in twenty four serials and many of them have run for quite a few months. Hence at the end of the day, there s no denying the fact that she is a rock solid performer and highly popular actress both in the small as well as the big screen.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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