Morgane Stapleton is perhaps better known as the wife of Chris Stapleton. There is no doubt that Chris is a famous singer-writer from America. He also is a renowned guitarist. Hence it is quite obvious that the success of Chris has certainly rubbed off into Morgane. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that Morgane also has a music mind and heart. She has been closely involved with the works and events of Chris.

She performs harmony, background and duets vocals in Stapleton’s band. Though Chris is successful now, the credit for this should go to his wife Morgane as far as the success of the first album Traveler is concerned. So it would not be wrong to mention that she also has played her part in the success journey of Christ Stapleton. Her date of birth is not known but we will try and look at her biography with the information available now.

Early Life

There is not much of information about the early life and achievements of Morgane Stapleton. This is because she either would like to keep it a secret or perhaps because she was not so famous as a child. However, there are reasons to believe that she is educated and well brought up.

Personal Life

The personal life of Morgane Stapleton has revolved around her husband Chris Stapleton. They have four children out their marriage and Chris and Morgane are delighted that out of these four two are twin boys. Hence, she is a happily married woman.

Net Worth

Though the net worth of Morgane is not known, her husband Christ Stapleton is supposed to be worth around $13 million dollars which will also be hers for sure


Talking about the career of Morgane she has a reasonably rich discography. It started in the year 2014 with the number The Climb. Since then she has four discography credits to her. Morgane also has quite a few background credits to her starting in 2005 with Dong Forget me to the last one in 2017 by the name Friendship.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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