Quick facts
Birth date 31 Jan, 1977
Age 43 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place West Virginia
Residence Boston
Education Virginia Tech
Gender Female
Description American journalist

An eminent journalist with a name Molly Line is without any doubt an outstanding anchor, who was included in the list of top 10 Fox anchors 2015. The future journalist was born on 31st January in the year 1977. The only facts known about her childhood are that she was born in the United States and that she had strived to be a professional journalist since the very childhood. Yet, there is nothing else known about her childhood from the biography, including the information about her parents and relatives. Given the facts where she studied, however, one may suppose that she was born somewhere in Virginia.


The first place of Molly Line’s studying was the Tucker County High School, located in West Virginia’s Hambleton. After Line received the high school education, she went to study at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. There, she majored Political Science and Mass Communication and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in it in 1999.

Career Experience

One may see how beautiful Molly Line is, and that was a case: she had gained ground in her career also thanks to the participation in the pageant contests. Twice, in 1997 and 2000, she fought to get a title of the Miss West Virginia Pageant, as both times she received the title of the Miss Greater Bluefield Area Pageant previously.

Molly Line obtained the first experience of work as a journalist at the WDTV channel, where she was on the position of both a reporter and a photographer, which helped her to become a noticeably versatile journalist. She left the channel in 2000 after working a year there, and so she became an anchor (also partly as a reporter) at the WXXA station. Molly Line left the station in 2002.

In advance of getting employed by Fox, Molly Line joined the WFXT TV station in 2002. There, she worked as both a reporter and an anchor for three years. While Molly Line worked at the WFXT, she covered many events important to the nation, including the Fire of the Station Nightclub and how Richard Reid, a shoe bomber, was jailed.

After all, the Fox News Channel descried the talented journalist and personality and offered her a job. There, she got an opportunity to prove herself as an eminent, outstanding journalist. Up to now, Molly Line has never been dismissed from any job. This way, Molly Line has been working on the channel up to now. She has covered many significant events, such as shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School or the extradition (and the preceding arrest) of Neil Entwistle. One is unable to find the information about her net worth and salary, yet one may suppose that the numbers are pretty whopping.

Personal life

Concerning the private life of Molly Line, she has been fairly open about her current private life. In particular, she announced in 2011 that she got engaged with Matt Petrus. The following year the couple celebrated a wedding. Yet, there is no information that the couple has children. She keeps in touch with her audience via social networks. Particularly, she can brag about 16.5 thousand followers in Twitter. Moreover, the number of twits reaches almost 5 thousand.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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