Minnie Beets is a well known reality television star who hails from the country of the United States of America. Minnie Beets was seen on the popular television show called Gold Rush. The show was aired on the Discovery Channel. It was on this show that Minnie Beets appeared alongside her husband Tony Beets, who is widely regarded as a legend in the field of mining.

Personal Life and Career

Minnie Beets was born in the year 1960. Her exact date of birth is not available to the general public nor the media. She was born in Burgwerd, Friesland which is located in the country of the Netherlands.

Minnie Beets is a Canadian national, despite growing up in a small village situated in the country of Holland. The village had a population of about 400 people and it was there that she lived along with her family who belong to the Frisian-Canadian ethnicity. In her family, Minnie Beets was one of the 5 children and she spent a great deal of her childhood along with her siblings and her parents who were running a bakery in the village.

Details about Minnie Beets’ education is not known or mentioned in her biography. However, she began her professional life by working in retail, a Dawson hamburger restaurant and home healthcare. In the future Minnie Beets bought the restaurant and managed it too.

At present she is working as a bookkeeper in the Paradise Hill location. Minnie Beets has worked as a bookkeeper for more than a decade, with the perception that she is a shrewd woman who spends wisely, her arguments with her husband’s spending habits, Tony Beets is known for spending exorbitant amounts of money into his dredge pond. Minnie Beets and her entire family are actively involved in operating heavy machinery for their mining ventures and businesses.

Minnie Beets has not been at the centre of any controversies, however, she was in the eye of the storm along with her family, when her husband Tony Beets’ dredge pond caught fire.

Professionally, Minnie Beets was seen on television on Gold Rush : Alaska along with her husband, Tony Beets, from the year 2014 to more recently in the year 2017. In addition to this Minnie Beets was also seen in Gold Rush : The Dirt which aired on television from the year 2013 to 2016.

Minnie Beets began dating her husband, Tony Beets, at the age of 20. A few years later, the couple got married in the year 1984. Post getting married Minnie Beets shifted to the country of Canada along with Tony Beets and began working various jobs as mentioned above.

It was later that her husband shifted to Whitehorse and took up a mining job at a gold mine. Together Minnie Beets and her husband Tony Beets have 5 children together, they are named, Bianca, Michale, Kelvin, Jasmine and Monica, however the youngest daughter named Jasmine who was born in the year 1992, passed away within 75 days of her birth.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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