Miles O Brien was born in 1959 on the lovely 9th day June is an independent American news journalist mastered in science, technology and aerospace. 58 years of his life have been so exciting and productive. He was born in Detroit and raised in Michigan, attended Georgetown University. At the age of 22, he got his first break at WRC-TV as a broadcaster. The Second big break was at the age of 32 when Miles O Brien joined CNN. Since then he never looked back.

Miles has a long and an interesting biography of 58 years. There have been many ups and downs in his life too just like any of us. He is a sports person as well. Miles loves flying and owns a 5 seater aircraft. His other interests are carpentry, mountaineering & road biking, scuba diving, swimming, water skiing and many more.


Miles O Brien has been bagging several awards since 1986 till 2014. The list is just so massive and galore. The Awards like Florida Emmy Award, New England Emmy Award, National news and documentary Emmy Award , the Columbus film festival award are a few to count on. He was never satisfied with less and hence the numbers of awards were enormous.


While the Awards were on the peak, Miles and his girlfriend Sandra finally took off their wedding jet in full throttle and got happily married. A Marriage always brings beautiful surprises and so was Connery and Miles to the cheerful and lovely couple.


Many times things don’t go as we plan. It’s the Almighty, who chooses his loved ones in the universe to pass the stressed times. Miles O Brien got injured, when a case filled with heavy equipment fell on his left forearm resulting in the amputation of his left arm, above the elbow. Even though he had to adapt living with one arm, it didn’t demotivate him even half a percent. Miles writes in one of his articles that it’s lovely to be alive. What a tough guy!

Miles O Brien had to opt for a robotic arm. This was a life lesson for him. There are nearly 1.8 million Americans living with amputations. The most common are below and above the knee. It’s a dreadful scenario but it has to be adapted by the victim in any circumstances. Miles’s family was in a shock after this incident but surprisingly Miles was the one, who assured everything was fine, and he would be soon flying and sporting again!


Miles O Brien was born in June and being a Cancerian, he is very loyal, patriotic and sympathetic. There are few rumours of him getting a divorce, having an extra-marital affair; and the saddest rumour of his life was people doubting him to be a Gay.

Miles O Brien is a gem of a person, who kept himself away from any such controversies. He is living a happily married life of course with his sweetheart, Sandra. He is one the top niche journalists and analysts that the United States of America can ever have. He is surely like an asset for the country. The country loves him for being what he is and vice versa.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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