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Michael Louis Golic was born on 12 December 1962 in Ohio. He is well known for his morning show on ESPN, Mike and Mike. Besides, he is a sports anchor and seasoned analyst at ESPN. He worked with the company for over 20 years. He has an adaptable personality. He is also said to be a devoted and caring husband and father.

Education and Early Life

Mike Golic as he is popularly known went to St. Joseph High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He holds certifications in finance and management from the University of Notre Dame. His passion for football and wrestling cannot go unsaid in this biography. Mike’s two brothers are also footballers.

Professional Career

Mike started his career as a senior in high school. Wrestling came in later during college. He is an NFL veteran after an eight-year service. During the eight year period, he played in defense for Miami Dolphins, Houston Oilers, and Philadelphia Eagles. He has played alongside great football players including Tom Brady and Joa Montana. Mike has also participated in Xbox 360 and PS3 games.

In 2015, he was featured in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame for his outstanding performance. Mike began his career in television after retiring from wrestling and football. The Randall Cunningham show was his first appearance on television that gradually built his prominence. He later introduced a show that would be popular and earn him a Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy Award, ‘Golic’s Got It.’ Mike and Mike a morning show he co-hosts with Mike Greenberg came later and lasted for 17 years.

Net Worth

The versatility nature of Mike attributes to accumulation of wealth in diverse fields over the years. At 55, Mike Golic is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million. During his time as an analyst in ESPN, Mike earned $5 million annually. Besides football, wrestling, and journalism, he has endorsed for various products across the global market. Some of the products are; Steven Singer Jewelers in Philadelphia and Tabasco hot sauce. However, most of his wealth is attributed to his career at ESPN and NFL.


Mike’s label as a devoted and loving father and wife is evident in the consistent happiness in marriage. Mike got married to Christine in 1987. The couple is blessed with two sons and a daughter; Sydney, Jake, and Michael Golic Jr. interestingly, the two sons are footballers just like their dad and grandfather. Mike’s daughter is a professional swimmer.

The passing away of Mike’s father in law sealed his love and care for the family. He is said to have left studio in the middle of the show to go and be with his wife. The action moved his fans thus more popularity to himself and to the show. Nevertheless, Mike does not use family escapades to gain popularity of the show. He remains discreet on family matters and seeks to gain due credit for the show. Since the two got married 25 years ago, there have been no reports or hints on cheating or conflict.

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