Mike Browne is genuine and charming and he has the warmth which had lead for him to get the nickname of the Photo expert in UK. He has enough respect when it comes photography. Regardless of the topic, regardless if it is simple or complex, mundane or exciting, then Mike is going to bring to into life. While growing up, he has worked as a truck driver and a digger. However, he was doing photography as a hobby and he was not too good about it.

This is where his journey started up to now that he has clients from the entire world. One day, he found out that he did not like the job he was doing, but at the same time, he was confused on what he has to do. This is how he packed his things, sold everything he had and traveled.

A conversation he had in Africa, made him to go back into the UK, here he retrained and become the photographer he is now. Since that time, he had not looked back any time soon. The first invoice he wrote was in the year 1993 and from that time, he had photographed products, travel, weddings, PR, products, food, hotels and commercial properties. He shoots for the companies and individuals from well known companies like RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Jet Aviation. He had got involved into the promotional film for Tamron, Olympus, Samsung and Pentax. He is one of the Ten best photography trainers at Petapixel.

Mike Browne is privileged in spending the time, while sharing the knowledge and helping the photographers in achieving their ambitions, dreams and goals. He likes what he does and he does live in UK, at the South Coast at the New Forest. He likes to ride the motorcycles to go everywhere wherever it is raining or shining. He is somehow eccentric.

Besides taking the photography himself, according to his biography Mike Browne is involved into workshop in UK and beyond UK. You can learn what you want to know about. He has online courses known to be concise, clear and simple which helps you the trainees to take the pictures they want in faster manner. You can watch the photo graining which entertain, inspired and teach. There are exercises, technique and tips on his website which will ensure that you are in control of your own photography.

The first camera he had was a Polaroid now he uses the Canon EOS 60d. He had worked with the night vision equipment, but now he is exposing the night photography that he took. The images have been created using a standard camera and they do display vivid color which the eyes may not see during the night. Some of her exposures do run between 2 up to 10 minutes. More information about his life, like if he is married or had divorce are not easily found online.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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