Born on the 2nd of May in the year of 1967, Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski, popularly known as Mika Brzezinski happens to be an author and a news reporter who works as a co host for MSNBC’s morning broadcast weekday show known as Morning Joe. Mika previously worked for the CBS News as a news reporter and was a Ground Zero reporter on principle on the terrorist attacks on September of 11th in the year of 2011. In the year of 2007, Mika left CBS to join the MSNBC network as an anchor and went on to become the co host of the famous Morning Joe. Mika hails from the United States of America.

Mika also happens to be an honorary faculty member at the Harvard University for politics. Her primary political concerns include the equality wage or same pay for women. Mika has also authored 3 books which include 1 on food addiction and 2 on journalism.

Mika’s father is Zbigniew Brzezinski who happens to be a political scientist and a diplomat who was an advisor to Jimmy Carter as well as Lyndon B. Johnson.

Personal Life

Born in the city of New York, Mika happens to be a daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski who was a polish born National Security advisor and an expert on foreign policy. Her mother was a sculptor born in Switzerland named Emilie Anna Benesova. Her mother is of Czech descent and happens to be a grandniece of Edvard Benes who was Czechoslovakia’s former president. When Mika was born, her father was a professor at the University of Columbia and then the family shifted base to McLean in Virginia which is near the Washington DC in the year of 1976 wherein her father had been appointed at the National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter who had been recently named as the President of The United States of America.


Mika began her career in the field of journalism in the year of 1990 on World News this Morning on ABC. She worked there for a year and then moved to ox’s WTIC in Connecticut at Hartford. There she worked as a reporter on general assignments. In the year of 1992, she went on to join CBS and quickly climbed up the ranks. She was a co host for a show named Home Page alongside 3 other female journalist which earned them the name of Power Puff Girls.

Last Modified: 04 Aug, 2018

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