Quick facts
Birth date 1 Aug, 1964
Age 55 yrs
Occupations Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Los Angeles County
Gender Female
Description American actress
Spouse Joel Gretsch[ M. 1999]

Melanie Shatner is an actress broadly known for her work in the horror film series called ‘Subspecies’ directed by Ted Nicolaou. She was born on the 1st August in the year of 1964. The place she was born is called Los Angeles County of California in the United States of America. Her birth name is Melanie Ann Shatner.


The name of the father of Melanie is William Shatner. She got the surname Shatner after her father William Shatner. He is a renowned Canadian actor, director and singer and famous for directing the movie series Star Trek. Her mother’s name is Gloria Rand. She was raised in Los Angeles County. She has one brother called Daniel and two sisters. The names of her sisters are Leslie Shatner and Lisabeth Shatner. Among her sisters, she is the youngest. From her childhood, she had a dream of making career in acting.


She started her acting career with the popular film called ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ in 1989, though in a very small role and appeared for only a few minutes at the screen. The film was directed by her father William Shatner. After that she worked in many movies and managed to capture the attention of movie goers. Then, in the year of 1993, she got the chance of acting in the 2nd film of the horror film series ‘Subspecies’. The name of the film is ‘Bloodstone: Subspecies 2’ and it was directed by Ted Nicolaou. In that film, she got an important role and got captured on the eye of audiences. Before taking part in this film series, she worked in several other movies. In 1994, she worked in the 3rd film of the series ‘Subspecies’. The film is named as ‘Bloodlust: Subspecies 3’. In her acting career, she has been credited for acting in 18 films, TV series and a documentary successfully. Her biography is enriched with these works that she has done in horror films and in other genre of movie. As well as in films, she has excellent work in TV series also. Her works in entertainment industry is excellent and exemplary. With her amazing work, she has gain a huge popularity to the horror film lovers. Her works in other genre of film are also phenomenal. She also worked in some TV commercial which are remarkable.


Melanie is a wonderful woman with a nice smile. She is the best friend of Kristina Davis who is famous for ‘Sex and the City’. The 5th day of November in the year of 1999 is a memorable day for her. In that day she got married. The name of her husband is Joel Gretsch who is also an actor and a director simultaneously. Together, as far the children are concern, they are blessed with two daughter. The names of her daughters are Kaya and Willow. She is a happily living with Joel and she does not have any regret regarding her acting career or her life at all.

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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