A boxing commentator from the United States of America, Mark Kellerman is a popular tv personality who has achieved a lot of attention as being a popular studio commentator for the ‘Friday Night Fights’ and also been a host in the ‘Around the Horn’ series. Mark is currently employed in the role of a color commentator for the HBO World Championship for Boxing and the HBO Boxing after Dark alongside a talk show for Sports Nation which is a comedy series.

Personal Life

Born in Bronx in the New York in the United States of America, Mark was born in the year of 1973 and had been raised in the Greenwich village in New York itself. Mark is of North American ethnicity.

Mark is fluent in Yiddish and as a devout Jew and observes Jewish practices in all his activities. Mark showed a lot of interest in public speaking as well as singing and also has a lot of interest in the Hip hop genre. Due to these interests of Mark, Mark is now extremely successful in his field and also an established media personality.

Mark completed his schooling in the Hunter College High School located at the Greenwich village in New York. After completing his graduation in the year of 1991, Mark went on to join the famed University of Columbia in which he holds an ardent pride.

There have been rumors floating around that Mark once hit his girlfriend and that a domestic violence case had been charged against him in the town of Ray Rice. Though the matter was immediately resolved.


When just a teenager, Mark had been appointed as the broadcaster for the New York cable tv show for the general public access. After having completed his graduation from the University of Columbia, Mark gained the post of an Analyst for the ESPN’s famed series for boxing called the ‘Friday Night Fights’ which opened numerous appointments for him to be a reporter for sporting events in the future.

Mark went on to replace the ‘Colin Cowherd program’ and served as the host for the 10 AM show on the WEPN which was before his career as a broadcaster for HBO and has also worked for the CNN in the year of 2010. It has been speculated that Mark has a personal net worth of about 6 million US dollars although his regular salary income is not known yet.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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