Maureen Maher is a 46-year-old is a television correspondent and news reporter. She appears as one of the hosts on the television programs ‘48 Hours’.

Personal life

Maureen Maher hails from Detroit, United States. She has an Irish ancestry despite being an American by nationality. Maureen had to suffer the cruel hardships of life ever since she was a young kid as her parents had abandoned her and she ended up in an adoption center. Intrigued by the past events in her life, Maureen has been collecting information about her parents every since she turned sixteen in order to clearly know where she comes from.

Being an intelligent scholar, Maureen completed her graduation from the Loyola University wherein she got a degree in communications. Regarding her married life, Maureen has been quite reticent about it. From what her biography states, she is a married woman and has two children but nothing apart from that can be said.


Maureen Maher embarked on a successful career in broadcasting with WLUW in the year 1991 as a morning news anchor. Seeing good results in her first venture, Maureen decided to move to Detroit in the year 1992 so as to work for WJBK-TV and WWJ radio station as a reporter. She worked in Detroit until 1995 before moving to Michigan to anchor for WJRT-TV. She covered various news such as the Decker farm raid and the Oklahoma bombing while she was working for WJRT-TV. Then in 1997, Maureen left WJRT-TV to work as a correspondent for a CBS called ‘Newspath’ wherein she covered various stories like the Kosovo Crisis, impeachment of Bill Clinton and the release of US servicemen.

Throughout her journalism career, Maureen Maher has faced many hurdles which is the reason why she constantly had to switch between her jobs and mostly even shift to different cities. Despite all this, Maureen stayed strong enough not to let any problem become a deterrent in her work. Maureen left Newspath and moved to Dallas in 1999.

While in Dallas, Maureen reported for the ‘Evening News’ on the downfall of Taliban, War on Terror, US Natural Disasters, the Enron scandal and the 2002 Kenyan bombings. Besides these controversial topics, Maureen has also reported on the murder trial of Scott Peterson and a porch collapse in Chicago in the year 2003. Maureen’s net worth is not disclosed but it can be said that she enjoys a handsome salary.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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