Matthew Gilmour was a Mormon missionary and became a famous person when he got married to Elizabeth Smart. Elizabeth works as a contributor of ABC News and she is American activist.

Matthew Gilmour was born in Aberdeen in Scotland and his parents are Scottish. His parents are Kay Gilmour and Stewart Gilmour. The parents were working like music teachers in their school. When it comes to his siblings, he was born with four, one brother called Kyle and three sisters, who are Ashlea, Bethany and Chloe. His father died in the year 2008, he was forty-eight and he died because of cancer. His mother works at St Machar Academy, as a Head of Music.

Matthew Gilmour met with his future wife, Elizabeth Smart in Paris and it was in 2009. The two were working like missionaries. When they met, Mathew had no idea about her and she came to know and to appreciate her afterwards. They started as friends, but in few years, the bond become stronger and she went to Scotland to see him while he came to US to visit her family and asked them to marry her. He proposed to her in the year 2012 and had a sapphire engagement ring. The family of Smart was happy about it and they blessed them. The two got married in the year 2012 and it was during a private wedding which took place in Hawaii.

The two are happy together and they had a child, a daughter called Chloe in the year 2015 and then a son called James in 2017. After getting married, they live together and they like to travel as a family to their vacations.

When it comes to his wife biography, Elizabeth Smart has been kidnapped at the age of 14 and she was sexually assaulted in nine months. Elizabeth got kidnapped away of her home by a preacher called Brian David Mitchell with Wanda Barzee his wife. They took her into the woods and she said he got married to her using a certain ritual and got rescued after nine months. After this incident, Brian David got imprisoned for life and his wife will serve a jail term of 15 years. Because of her experience, Elizabeth started Elizabeth Smart foundation and it aims to stop violence and to make people more aware of the sex abuse and trafficking.

More information about Matthew Gilmour before the marriage is not yet known. He does not like to talk about his career and his net worth and salary is not recorded anywhere. It is not clear where he works or what he does for a living. However, his wife is earning good salary and they are living a good life. Elizabeth has a net worth of 1, 7 million dollars. Mathew is not too active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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