Mary Marquardt got married to the famous singer and also actor called Harrison Ford. After dating for over a year, they got married in the year 1964. They were blessed with two children and they are called Willard and Benjamin. However, the two ended up separating in the year 1979 and this is when Ford was found that he was having an affair together with Carrie Fisher. From that time, she does not show herself too much to the media.

Mary Marquardt was born from American parents but there is no information about who were his parents and the time of birth. There is also no information about her early life and what she was doing as a child. Mary got more attention at the time that she became the wife of Ford. When it comes to her biography, it is said that she was a chef. She does not talk too much about how she started with her career.

Mary Marquardt had never been in public events and she is secretive and reserved. She likes to hide information about her career so more information about what she does is not available. This is the same when it comes to her salary and net worth.

Ford, her ex husband had been in the headlines because of the secret affair he had with Carrie Fisher and it lasted over three months. He was cheating on her and this was the leading reason for the divorce.

Afterwards, she started to keep distance from the public attention and of the media. She also kept silence for anything that regards Ford. Mary Marquardt was married to Harrison Ford in 14 years. The marriage started in 1964 and they divorced in the year 1979. Harrison Ford is now 75 years old and he is an actor. He became famous when he acted in Star Wars and Han Solo series. He had also appeared in Indiana Jones Movies series and Riders of the Lost Ark.

Ford likes to keep what he does private. He got married again to Melissa Mathison in 1963 and they divorced in 2001. They had two children together Georgia and Malcolm. Afterwards, he started to date Calista Flockhart and this is when they met in 2002 Golden Globes. She had an adopted son called Liam. Ford has now three grandchildren. His son Benjamin is a restaurateur and a chef and own Ford’s filling station. Willard is an owner of the Strong Sports Gym and he is Ford & Ching co-owner.

Ford has studied aviation and he is a licensed pilot for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. He is the owner of a ranch of over 800 acres in the city of Jackson. Ford had provided the emergency helicopter services when required by local authorities. At one time, he rescued a hiker who suffered dehydration.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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