The well known reality TV personality, Marty Lagina was born on 26th August 1955. He was born in Kingsford, Michigan. He is of White ethnicity. He attended the University of Michigan, from where he passed out with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is of Italian descent. Marty was born to Ann Lagina and George Jacob Lagina. Marty is an engineer by profession and has been involved in the energy business. He was also engaged in Petroleum engineering.

He is also a member of The State Bar of Michigan. Marty is a person with a vision to turn natural resources into energy. He also is the proud owner of a company Heritage Sustainable, which had plans to build sixty turbines in Missaukee, Michigan. He also owned a company named Terra Energy in the year 1990, which he later sold to company CMS Energy.

Marty has been married to his long term girlfriend Olivia Lagina for two decades now. They are blessed with two kids named Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina. He has kept his personal life, a blur to the media. The couple is living a blissful and happy life.


Marty Lagina has gained popularity over the History Channel's reality TV series, The Curse of the Oak Island. He stars in the series with his elder brother named Rick Lagina. The duo is often called Lagina Brothers. The Lagina Brothers make an effort to discover the artifacts/treasure that might have been buried in the oak island in the TV series. The series is all about the history of the island and the discoveries made by the Lagina Brothers.

Marty has earned fame and name as an American TV personality. He has come into the spotlight with his noteworthy performances in the shows. Marty has a passion for winemaking. His family is involved in best wine growing. Marty is involved in making superior class red wine in the Villa Mari, Michigan. The passion for wine runs in Marty's blood. Marty's brother Rick Lagina, is a retired American postal worker.

The Curse of the Oak Island is a reality TV series, which is premiered in Canada on the History Channel. It premiered on 5th January, 2014. The Lagina Brothers make an effort to solve the 220 year old Oak Island mystery. They seek the treasure/artifacts that may be buried in the Oak island with the help of global experts and modern technology. The series involves guest appearances of researchers from around the world. The Lagina brothers had been doing the best in their fields. Marty is the proud producer of the show. The Lagina Brothers are two of the most intriguing characters on television today.

Marty has earned a Net worth of around $40 million and his brother Rick has earned a Net worth of around $2 million. The reality TV stars, Lagina brothers has a huge fan following. Marty has over 700 followers on Twitter. Rick has over 1200 followers on Twitter. Rick has 23,627 likes and 24,478 followers on Facebook.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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