As an aspiring comic growing up, Eminem’s career took a drastic turn which led to his global recognition. Eminem has a unique style in rap music and his way of lyric articulation is second to none.

Personal Life

Eminem had a turbulent childhood growing up due to the fact that he had an absentee dad. Born to Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and Deborah Nelson in October 1972 in Missouri, Eminem was named Marshall Bruce Mathers by his parent. During Eminem’s conception, Deborah was close to death after being in labor for 73 hours. His parents were part of a music band called Daddy Warbucks.

Switching schools three times a year, Eminem had difficulty in his academics and also making friends but when he turned 12 years, his mom settled in Detroit. Eminem attended Lincoln High School from 1986- 1989 and dropped out at age 17 after numerous attempts of passing the ninth grade. In his biography on imdb, Eminem started rhyming at a tender age of 4 but got better at constructing his lyrics in his teenage years.

Eminem’s got married to high school sweetheart Kimberly Anne Scot in 1999. They got divorced in 2001 but later remarried. The couple bore Hailie Jade Scot together in 1995. Eminem and Kimberly are divorced.


In his teenage years, Hip Hop surged through the local scene and Eminem found a way to express his anger and other emotions through the genre. Eminem drew motivation from N.W.A; a gangster rap crew that was controversial and reigned in the 1980s and early 90s. Rap music was populated by black artists but Marshal Mathers, with his pale white skin did not hesitate.

Going by the stage name M&M, from the initials of his official name, Marshal later changed it to Eminem. During the start of his career, Eminem also took part in rap battles and worked odd jobs to make ends meet. Eminem released his first rap album in1996 called Infinite which did not have much returns and only got the attention of the locals. He then released The Slim Shady EP a year later and that caught the attention of N.W.A member Dr. Dre. Impressed by Eminem’s verbal prowess, Dr. Dre signed him at the Interscope Record label and they worked on The Slim Shady LP which sold 3 million copies.

From that point on, Eminem’s career was on a constant rise releasing other albums like The Marshal Mather LP, Encore, Relapse, Recovery and Bad Meets Evil. In his music Eminem sings about his troubles with his childhood, suicide attempts and how he was able recover from it. The crowd fell in love with his alter ego Slim Shady who is rather violent and not in existence currently.

His recent project is his studio album, Revival which came out early 2018. Eminem ruled the 2000s and to date, he has been able to sell 220 million records around the globe. He has an estimated net worth of $190 million and numerous awards under his name.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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