Mark Steyn is a political commentator and a Canadian author. He had written over five books and they include America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It and it became the best seller in New York Times. Another book of Steyn is Broadway Babies Say Goodnight: Musicals Then and Now. He has also published the collection of the columns with the celebrities and the profiles in The Atlantic.

He had published in magazine and newspaper and he had appeared in conservative shows like these of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Hugh Hewitt and Rush Limbaugh. Steyn is married with three children and lives in the city of Woodsville in New Hampshire. He has no record of having divorce before.

Steyn’s birth place is in Toronto. He was a catholic first and then joined Anglican Church. He said that her paternal great grandmother was a Jewish and her grandmother has been catholic. His great aunt is artist Stella Steyn. The family of his mother is from Belgium. Steyn attended King Edward’s school in Birmingham, UK. This is the same school that author J.R.R Tolklen also attended.

Steyn was given the Greek dictionary which Tolklen also used. When he was 16, he stopped to go to school and started to work like a disc Jockey and then become a musical theater critic in the Independent. He then became a critic at Spectator in the year 1992. He stopped to write about the arts and turned to write about politics and was a political commentator at The Daily Telegraph.

From his biography, Mark Steyn has written for many publications and they include The New Criterion, Western Standards, National Post, The Irish Times, The New York Sun, Chicago Sun Times, Orange County Register and Jerusalem Post.

He had the Journalism Visiting Fellowship at Eugene C Pulliam. It was at Hillsdale College in the spring of 2013. He is a contributor for blog and had recorded different podcasts in this organization. Steyn became the Guest Host for The Rush Limbaugh Show. Since December in the year 2016 up to 2017, Steyn became the host for The Mark Steyn Show at CRTV Digital Network. After the cancellation, Mark Steyn sued CRTV.

Mark had been part of many controversies and rumors in his entire career. The controversies were about the article with the title The Future Belongs to Islam. In the article, he was talking about violation of the human rights. Other complaints were from British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

He was also a part of defamation lawsuit that took place in the year 2012. Paul Wells had accused him for exaggeration on the increase of fascist political parties in the city of Europe. However, these did not stop him to do what he likes most. He had got many awards and one of them is Henry Salvation Prize.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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