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Mark Jansen is known as a personal trainer and reality TV star. He is most famous for being a House Guest on the reality TV show, Big Brother 19, broadcasted on CBS. When Mark was a young boy, his father passed away, leaving his mom to raise him all alone. It was troublesome for her, however all through his youth, she was a great source of motivation and furthermore his closest companion. Mother invested every last bit of her energy in him and kept him occupied in games all through his childhood.

He had an intense and rough time during school when he was genuinely tormented for being overweight and he had a club foot. The foot was a body deformation that he was born with where one of his calves is observably smaller than the other

Mark Jansen Career

On the 19th edition of Big Brother, Mark is for the most part known for being a part of a “showmance” with Elena Davies known as "Marlena." His relationship with his companions Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf made him a show target and was blamed for flip flopping on stances by various houseguests.

He also conflicted with Josh Martinez nearly getting physical when Josh slammed pots and dishes. Mark attempted to persuade Jason Dent to make a move against Paul Abrahamian yet the attempt was fruitless and Elena was expelled during the Double Eviction segment with Jason as the HOH.

Mark won safety for a month by winning a Power of Veto or Temptation Competition however was not able spare himself during week 8 when he was ousted and turned into the third member of the jury. Mark alongside Elena, Cody, Alex Ow and Jason felt that Paul overplayed his hand and casted a ballot to pick Josh as the champ.

Mark Jansen Personal Life, Family

The majority of Mark’s life changed when he lost his mom during his senior year of high school. This misfortune was totally obliterating to him as he lost his closest companion, guide, and mentor. He additionally needed to move back to Buffalo and changed his arrangements for school.

The main way that he had the capacity to confront every day after the passing of his mother was to ask himself what his mom would need him to do. He realized that his mom would need him to keep on grasping an inspirational mentality about existence and to propel himself forward so as to accomplish his objectives. He utilized his mom's support as inspiration to take on numerous difficulties including prevailing at school, playing football, getting himself back fit as a fiddle.

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