Marjorie Bridges Woods happens to be the third wife of tv personality, comedian and a famous actor by the name of Steve Harvey. She is also the one who created the famous blog known as ‘The Lady Loves Couture’.

Personal Life

Born in the year of 1974 on the 10th of October, Marge was born in the United States of America. Information regarding her parents, siblings and her early childhood is relatively unknown. Marge’s name at birth was Marjorie Bridges.

She is an American National and is of African American ethnicity. Information regarding her school days is not known. Though the public record states that she attended the University of Memphis. It is also known that she did not complete her education. She thus dropped out of University.

She is 6 feet 2 inches tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. She has a waist size of 24 inches. She happens to have a huge fan following which includes staggering 1.6 million followers on the famous photo sharing social media site Instagram.

Marge was previously dating a man called Todd Day who happens to be a basketball player who is now retired. Her ex-husband who was arrested and that was the reason why she had to sell her club which she co-owned with her former husband. There was a rumor that she got into a relationship with Day only so that she can sell her club.


Marge is a popular person in the industry of fashion. She is known for her travels to exotic locations due to her work. Marge began her career as a freelancing fashion blogger and also worked as a fashion expert in the past. She went on to open her very own fashion blog by the name of ‘The Lady Loves Couture’ in the year of 2007. She made popular posts of all the things that excited her in the world of fashion. Also, her blog achieved a huge fan following due to her tips for women to travel on a tight budget.

Marge also happens to run her own online shopping retail store and has a line of her own handbags among various other shopping products. She earns a decent amount of income from her blog as well as her job as a fashion expert and her online retail store forms a major source of income. It is estimated that she has a net worth of a 100 Million US Dollars.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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