Marjorie Bridges is married to a television host and comedian named Steve Harvey and went through many downs and ups in her entire life. Everyone knows of Steve Harvey especially since he is the host of many hit shows on television.

The two met in Memphis Comedy Club and Steve said that he loved her from the first time she saw her. He announced that same night, that even if he does not know about her, he will marry her. The two met, dated for some time and they split since Steve was still with the second wife Mary Lee and Marjorie was with one of her then husbands. They met again in the year 2005 and it was after the divorce of Steve and they continued where they left for 15 years ago. They got married in the year 2007.

Marjorie got three children from her other marriage, they are Lorie, Jason and Morgan. Steve gave birth to four children; they are Wynton, Brandi, Karli and Broderick. Marjorie Bridges and Steve did not give birth to their own children and they share their grandchildren. There are two born from Jason and one of Morgan and another from Karli. Steve is known to share a strong bond with all the children and it is being displayed at the show.

Before, Marjorie Bridges got married to two drug dealers in Memphis. The husbands were notorious drug dealers and the first husband got a life in prison sentence. She divorced him and then married one of the Woods brothers called Darnell Woods and also got indicted because of drug charges.

According to her biography, besides dealing with heartaches brought about by divorce, she had also to deal with vengeful ex. It is said that Steve was already having an affair with Marjorie before he even divorced her second wife. Marjorie Bridges was born in the year 1964, it was in US. When she was born, she was named Marjorie Bridges and Woods came from her second marriage. She loves fashion and came up with The Lady Loves Couture blog. It is a blog that teaches about her exciting fashion excursions and she likes to provide the tips on fashion and beauty.

Marjorie Bridges is a founder for Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation which helps to upgrade the living standard of the families and children in the entire world.

Marjorie Bridges is American by nationality and African-American by ethnicity. She did drop out of University of Memphis because of personal reasons. Marjorie is among popular faces in fashion industry and she tours the entire world to attend different fashion shows. During interview with BET Last Summer, She did share the love she had towards fashion. Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks organizers like to invite her. Steve says that Marjorie Bridges helped her to become a better man and she helped him to change his life.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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