Margie Willett Bio, Age, Family, Married, Wedding, Children, Father

Margie Willett is famous for being the ex-wife of Dick Van Dyke. Dick Van Dyke is known for being an American comedian, actor, director, and producer.

Margie Willett Age, Family

Margie Willet was born as Marjorie Willett in state of Illinois in 1927. Margie was born to American guardians of white ethnicity. Willett was a private individual and did not provide details about her education or life before she met Van Dyke.

Margie Willett Career

Margie Willett became a known person in American households when she became the spouse of the American entertainment symbol of excellence, Dick Van Dyke. The pair started their long lasting voyage quite a long while back before even being married to each other. When they eventually got married, their union would last for over three decades.

Margie Willett Married, Wedding, Children, Father Personal Life Relationships

Margie Willett and Dick got married in February 1948, only a year after her significant other started his comedy career. Life was so unpleasant for the couple who were attempting to make due with their low finances at the time. Shockingly, they couldn't support their own wedding. Luckily, they were in the right place when the producer of the radio program called Bride Groom offered to foot the bills in the event under the stipulation that they consented to marry on the live radio show. The offer was very overwhelming at the time and they needed the money. The pair proceeded to have their wedding during the show. In a generous gesture, their honeymoon trip was also paid by the producer.

Margie Willett and her former spouse Dick had four children in their marriage. They had two boys named Barry and Jerry. They also had two little girls named Stacy and Carrie. Incredibly, her four children are also famous people; they followed the way set down from their father and cut a space for themselves in the American media industry. Stacy and the other Van Dyke's children and grandchildren have shown up in their father's shows.

Margie Willett and her significant other had a delighted married life but after being married for more than three decades, their relationship went bad. The couple lost the flash in their relationship after the bits of gossip about her significant other's extramarital issue saw the light of the day with media outlets reporting his bad behavior. Dick was having a mystery relationship with an actress named Michelle Triola. At the time, Michelle was the secretary of Dick's manager. The team kept their relationship as a mystery until 1976 when things exploded in the press.


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