Margaret Cooney is a mother to Doctor G Cooney; he is a leading psychiatrist and worked as a medical director for the Daughters of Charity. He died at Blackrock Clinic and it was in January 2018. He was born in the year 1926 and his father is Dr Mark and his mother is Margaret Cooney. He got the secondary education on Castleknock College and he excelled in sports and academic. He was a member of the Leinster School Rugby Cup and he won for the team in 1944. He also played in the Leinster Schools.

From his biography, Doctor G Cooney did medicine while at University College Dublin and he got rugby colors there while playing for the cup team of Mater hospital. When he graduated, he took over general practice in the year 1952 and it was in Blanchardstown. The practice expanded rapidly and it included the medical care with intellectually disabled girls with young women who are in the care of Daughters of Charity in Glenmaroon House. He became the director of their house and worked as their advisor, representative and confidante.

He is the co-founder of Parents and Friends for Intellectually Disabled Association. It works to help with interest in the psychiatry and he was also training at St Patrick’s Hospital with Doyenship of Irish psychiatry called Norman Moore. He went to Birmingham where he got a diploma with psychiatric medicine and in the return, he got asked by Proof Moore to look into problems which patients who have alcohol addiction have and this is how he developed the alcohol program at St Patrick’s.

During this time, the hospital became a large multidisciplinary unit and had acute assessment with the treatment that offer the in-patient with clear aftercare method to do the followup rehabilitation. He got involved into such development and became the authority at once and he is a leader in the alcoholism and this led to publication of his influential book and practical in the book called Under the Weather.

He was the associate director of St Patrick’s Hospital and he was working closely with the New director and a close friend called Joseph Meehan.

Doctor G Cooney is also a person who has great faith and admired the work done by Daughters of Charity and said that their work where not being appreciated in the right way. He wrote a memoir, called a Lifetime with The Daughters and it was about the 60 years that he spent with them and was honoring them because of the heroic work they are doing for more than a 100 years.

In the year 1984, he was given the knighthood at St Gregory, it was to recognize the years, and he did spend in the service with the people who are disabled intellectually. He did work in many committees and boards over many years and they include National Rehabilitation Board and Mentally Handicapped of Ireland.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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