Maggie Johnson is a prominent figure in the modeling business.

Personal life

Maggie Johnson is an American national whose full name is Margaret Neville Maggie Johnson. She proudly holds an American nationality and has represented America several times in the field of modeling. Maggie belongs to the white ethnicity and was raised by her loving parents in the state of California. Maggie was an intelligent scholar during her school and college years and secured good grades in her high school.

As of now, Maggie Johnson’s relationship status remains a secret. However, she has been married twice in the past. She married famous actor Clint Eastwood on 19th December, 1953 whom she met on a blind date. Maggie gave birth to Alison and Kyle Eastwood when she was married to Clint. The couple filed for a divorce in the year 1984 due to some problems. She then married Henry Wynberg for the second time on 6th April, 1985 in a beautiful ceremony held in Hawaii. Sadly, the couple called for a divorce six years later.


Besides her great modeling career, Maggie Johnson has starred in a couple of television shows. Most of her fame is due to her marriage with her first husband Clint Eastwood. As for Maggie herself, she has modeled for several international brands and has also appeared in numerous commercials. She featured in two television shows in the year 1967 which were ‘Ironside’ and ‘Mannix’.

Prior to her modeling career, Maggie used to earn some money by working in a machinery supplier company which was based in Los Angeles. On the other hand, her beloved first husband Clint Eastwood was an established actor, director, musician, businessman and a political figure. For this reason, Maggie enjoyed a great amount of wealth in her life but her personal net worth is unknown.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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