Lucinda Southworth is a professional researcher and also a scientist. She is known to the media as the wife of the popular personality, Larry Page.

Personal life

Lucinda Southworth was born in the year 1979 on May 24. She grew up in the United States of America to her parents. She belonged to a very educated family background. Her mother, Dr Roy Southworth was an educational psychologist while her father, Dr Cathy McLainc worked at the World Bank and was also a Ph. D. holder from the Stanford University. Lucinda was very fascinated by both her parents’ achievements and wanted to follow their footsteps. She grew up with her two sisters, Carrie Southworth and McLain Southworth. Lucinda holds an American personality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Being brought up in an elite society, she has developed great habits and mannerisms from childhood. She was known to be ‘beauty with brains’ from her early adolescence. When in school, it was hard for anyone to leave her behind, be it in any field. She was equally capable in educational as well as cultural activities and sports.

Lucinda completed her graduation degree from the University of Pennsylvania which is famous for its research work. It was then when she decided to follow the footsteps of her father. Later, she went to the Oxford University to pursue her master’s degree in Science. After that, following the advice of her father, Lucinda also visited the Stanford University to pursue her Ph. D. degree in biomedical informatics.


Lucinda Southworth, a scientist is now pursuing her research career at the Stanford University. She has earned a Ph. D. degree in biomedical informatics. Apart from this, she also comtributes to her husband’s career. Her husband, Larry Page is the CEO of Google and also a talented computer scientist. She often discuss ideas with her husband which helps him in his work field. As Lucinda remains busy with her research work most of the time, she did not get the chance to participate with her husband. Both of them are doing great in their career.

Affairs and Family

Lucinda Southworth have never paid hid to affairs and relationships in her life so she never had many boyfriends. She got in a relationship with Larry Page when she was working as a scientist. She shared a very good bond with her boyfriend. When they started dating each other, Larry was not working at Google. He was then a computer scientist who was just trying out her luck.

Larry has also said in an interview that Lucinda is the only woman who is behind his success. The couple dated each other for one and a half year before tying the knot. They have organised an extravagant marriage ceremony where they invited their close friends and family members. There were also many VIPs present at the event. The couple was blessed with two children after their marriage in the respective years 2009 and 2011. She enjoys a net worth of $1 billion which is quite evident from her lifestyle.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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