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Lonnie Chavis was born in the year 2007 and it was in Downy of California. His birthday is on 23 November. His parents are Chavis Senior and Najah. He was born with 3 siblings and it is expected that a new member may be added to the family as the time passes. His ethnicity is afro-American. Lonnie decided to enter into the acting career when he was only four years. He wanted to act for television and when he reached the age of six, his mother was putting him in commercial and modeling acts. This is when the talent he has, appealed to a theatrical agent. After sometime, he started to attend audition for films and television. When he was nine years old, he appeared on the dramatic series of NBC called This Is Us and it made him to be popular into the acting field. He also appeared at the show such as Magic Camp and White Famous. He is now 4 feet with 8 inches, but he is still growing so it is expected that he will grow more than this.

Net worth

Lonnie achieved the popularity at the young age and appearing on This Is Us helped him to achieve to greater fame. His salary was 1,000 dollars every day and he would get 14,368 dollars for 14 days of working. In the year 2016, before attending the show This Is Us, when he was in Los Angeles, there were some men who tried grabbing and kidnapping him. He was able to run away from this place. Some of neighbors, who were doing the gardening, did find him and took him to his home.

Parents and Family

While playing in This is US, she was playing as a 9 year boy called Randall. While in the show, the parents of Randall were Milo Antony Ventimiglia who played as Jack, his father and her mother Rebecca was played by Mandy Moore. In real life, Lonnie Chavis Jr is a son to Lonnie Chavis Sr and Najah Chavis. He was born with two brothers and he is expecting to get a new brother soon. His parents encouraged him to do his best in acting career and give him all the love he needs. He likes to post on the Instagram and he is thankful towards his family since they have his back in every situation. He loves to be with his father and brothers and most of the time, they wear matching clothes. Since he is still a minor, his parents are in charge of his net worth. His exact net worth is not recorded yet. Najah Chavis, his mother is the one in charge of the accounts and his project are being managed under Randy James Management. Besides acting, he is also interested into dancing and he says that dancing is an alternative communication form. He likes to learn new moves.


Last Modified: Nov 25, 2018

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