Logic is a popular American Rapper cum singer who is well known for being a songwriter and as a record producer. Some of his most popular works include releasing mixtapes such as “Logic: The Mixtape” (2009) which he released under the pseudonym Psychological , “Young,Broke and Infamous” (2010) , “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever” (2013) which was his most critically acclaimed mixtape. Post mixtapes, Logic began recording his own albums. Having three albums and six mixtapes under his belt as of March 2018, the rapper has cemented his position as a well known rapper in the United States.

Personal Life

Logic, which is the stage name of Sir Robert Bryson Hall II , he was born at the Shady Grove Hospital, in Rockville, Maryland , in the United States of America, at 7.36 am on the 22nd of January,1990. His father, Robert Hall is of the African-American ethnicity and his mother is of the Caucasian race. Both his parents being natives of Maryland, Logic too spent a great deal of his early life in the neighbourhood of West Deer Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

According to the rapper’s biography, his father, Robert Hall, was a cocaine addict while his mother was an alcoholic, he attributed his troubled childhood majorly to this. His father was mainly absent during the rapper’s childhood, but eventually the father-son dup did reconcile when Logic’s career took-off.

Through the initial days of his life, Logic has seen his brothers and members of his family not only distribute, but also produce crack cocaine for various addicts in the neighbourhood. Due to this environment that Logic grew in, he confessed that he too knows the way to accurately produce and manufacture crack cocaine.

As a young student Logic attended the Gaithersburg High School, it was in the tenth grade that he began skipping classes and as a result of which he failed in every subject except English and was expelled from school.


Logic, aged 13, met his would-be mentor Solomon Taylor and took great interest in hip-hop and rap after seeing the Quentin Tarantino directed cult classic Kill Bill: Volume 1, as RZA, who was a part of Wu-Tang Clan, a popular hip-hop group, had produced the movie score. Logic soon began following the group’s music and took interest in hip hop.

Later, Logic released his first mixtape called “Logic: The Mixtape” in the year 2009, it was released under the pseudonym, “Psychological” , the mixtape became widely popular and helped him play as opening act at concerts for a string of artists such as EPMD, Redman, Pitbull, Method Man and Ludacris, whenever they came and performed in and around Maryland. It was post his new found fame that she shortened his stage name from Psychological to Logic.

Logic has also confessed in an interview that his favourite artist was the legendary Frank Sinatra and that he was inspired by the legend. Post his first mixtape, Logic has released five more mixtapes, including one dedicated to his inspiration, Frank Sinatra and Logic has also released three studio albums, all of which have been met with a fair amount of acceptance, as a result of this his net worth is not exactly known but reported to be over the million mark in USD.

Last Modified: Nov 12, 2018

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