Liz Symon is a wife of Michael Symon. The two have a child called Kyle Symon and she is a business partner to her husband in the diversified chain of restaurants of Michael Symon Restaurants such as B Spot Burger, Cleveland’s Lora Bistro and Roast Restaurant.

It was expected that she would divorce her husband when he got engaged into the controversy while attending South Beach Wine and Food Festival and it took place in Florida. During this event, her husband posted some pictures where he was flaunting with the models from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues when they were celebrating the annual edition on the 50th anniversary. There was a shot where Chrissy Teigen, a super model was sitting on the lap of Michael.

After the incident, there were many stories that followed and it included the story on how the chefs were making at least 1000 dollars as the minimum pay on Charity Volleyball tournament so that they can play be near the models. However, this did not affect the marriage and Liz said that it was exaggeration from the media and it did not lead to any divorce.

The two had stayed in the marriage for a long period, even if Liz had already a child called Kylie when he met with Michael. Michael did not worry about becoming the step father to Kylie and he gives the support and care that he needs. Kyle is now all grown up and is a musician.

According to their biography, Michael likes to mention Kyle during the interviews and he said that at the beginning of the relationship, they were having the meal together to help in building a father to son intimacy. Kyle opened a Donut shop with the help of Michael and he says that Michael is the role model.

When it comes to the career of Liz Symon, she is not only married to Michael Symon but she is also the business partner in their restaurants empire. The first partnership is when they opened Lola Restaurant in 1997. This is the time she was still his fiancée.

After the first opening, the two had grown and they become the owners of other restaurants. Even if it is known that she is making enough money, it is not yet clear how much she has as a net worth. Liz Symon appeared in different TV shows like the Chew where she was a guest and also a guest co-hostess and then in Symon’s Suppers where she was herself as the wife of Michael.

Liz Sanderson Symon is 55 years old and her husband is 48 years old. They have been together for more than 19 years now since they got married in 1998 in Cleveland at Pilgrim Church. They met at a restaurant where Symon was working as a Chef and Liz was managing the front of the restaurant.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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