Liz Shanahan is a famous American chef and she is also the wife of another professional chef, television personality and restaurateur Michael Symon. He is known for the TV shows such as Food Feuds and Iron Chef America. She belongs to white ethnicity and she is of American nationality. She grew up in a middle class family together with her siblings. She is now working with her husband. It is said that Liz Shanahan was married before and had a son called Kyle but the name of the man is not known. When Liz went to Symon’s restaurant, they met there. The two felt closer at once and after dating for few months, they got married.

Liz Shanahan is happy with her husband since they share cooking passion. Before, Liz had worked in some restaurants and she has a passion towards foods. The art of cooking always came at first place in their lives. The journey of working together, started when the two opened a restaurant they called Lola based in Cleveland. The Gourmet Magazine had featured Lola and they said that it is one of the best restaurants you can find in America.

After the successful endeavor, the restaurant Lola got named Lolita while the new Lolita was opened in the downtown side of Cleveland. From this time up to now, they continue to work together in most everything they do.

Liz Shanahan may not have a salary since she is a partner of her husband but she gets enough money to live a glamorous and lavish life. She is a co-founder of some of restaurants together with his husband. They had known each other for five years before they go out on a date. They also dated for sometime before they decided to get married in the year 1994. By now, they do not have their own children and they are taking care of Kyle together. Michael is like a father to Kyle and they share a special bond.

Even if Liz celebrates a birthday on 30th March, it is not clear in which year she was born. She does not post information about his background or education.

Together with her husband, it is said that they have a net worth of 4 million dollars. The couple is known to have the best marriage that everyone may dream about. As a family, they had to go through many controversies and they have been able to work through them. One of the controversies was when picture of swimsuit model called Chrissy Teigen was found sitting on his lap. The picture led to a debate between the followers, but Michael said that there is nothing to it and that his wife trusts him. The family has two dogs, one a bullmastiff breed which is called Ruby and Old English dog called Ozzy.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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