Lisa Adkins is the sociologist at University of New Castle. She had grown up in Britain of Margaret Thatcher and this is when she experienced the neo liberalism, social and political, and economic restructuring. She grew up when the city was full of the urban riots, strikes and punk. It was during the period when manufacturing sector was closing down and there was a rise of selling off of the public housing.

Professor Lisa Adkins is the leader of a number of international feminist scholars and it is a part of the Gender and Labor for New Times International Research Network. They came together in order to rethink categories of the labor and gender in new economy. Major rearrangement for the labor with the life associated with the new economy demand which the social scientist think that it is the key categories for the analysis and this includes working and living.

The new economy is being characterized by the shifting away of the manufacturing to reach to knowledge and service production. She had heralded the shift in the way that people live. With the research, it is important to know how the shift can reshape how the people are living their lives and how it can impact at their future.

She has passion in developing innovative and fresh conceptual ideas on how and in which manner the economy and the world wants to change. She does have a net work which aims in bringing the scholars in one place and they can shape the agenda of the novel search about the work contracts, working agreement and home. It also covers the austerity, debt, law, money, finance and underemployment.

Even if the research wants to shift academic terms, the policy debate is concerned with the labor and gender. The people want to be aware of how the female labor is the site of the complex and intense activity of new economy. However this labor is the key object for the analysis of understanding of the change in social and economic change.

It means to move away of the familiar problematic for which the people understand the relationship between the work and the women. This includes the idea of how women can balance the work and their life. The framings do hold some traction in the new economy and this is where the distinction is found between the non working and working class.

Lisa Adkins says that with the increase of the new borders found between life and the work, it is now important in understanding the work and economy in a broader sense. There is the process on the work with the contemporary capitalism and it is all about making the social inequalities in the ways. From her biography, Lisa Adkins worked at College of Experts of Australian Research Council. She is married to Scott Adkin.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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