Letitia James is known as an American lawyer and politician. She is most famous for serving as the Attorney General of New York.

Background and Age

Letitia Ann "Tish" James was born on October 18, 1958, in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Lehman College and Howard University School of Law.

Career and Net Worth

Letitia "Tish" James became the first African American woman to hold statewide office in New York and the first lady to be chosen Attorney General when she became the 67th Attorney General for the State of New York. James filled in as a guard dog over New York City government organizations and as a promoter for the city's weakest areas.

Her office dealt with more than 32,000 constituent grievances and passed more enactments than all past Public Advocates consolidated, including a law that restricted inquiries concerning pay history from the business process to address the unavoidable gender pay gap. James effectively took on the weapon business by pushing New York City's biggest annuity reserve to strip from firearm and ammo retailers. She battled in court in the interest of children and families on issues including children in child care, children with handicaps, and inhabitant protection. New Yorkers overwhelmingly chose Tish James to a second term as Public Advocate in November 2017.

Prior to her political race to the City Council, Tish James filled in for the Brooklyn Regional Office of the New York State Attorney General's Office. She settled many customer protests and researched savage loan specialists who went after first-time homebuyers. She assisted the Civil Rights Bureau in its examination of the NYPD's stop-and-search strategy and got serious about firms engaged in misleading strategic approaches including infringement of human rights and ecological laws.

In Aug 2020, Letitia James declared that New York is looking to break up the National Rifle Association in a claim that blames the leadership for the nonprofit of occupying a large number of dollars for their very own utilization. The claim stated that the senior leadership of the NRA wasted millions in gifts, personal luxury planes, and costly dinners. The inability to legitimately deal with the association's assets added to misfortunes of $64 million more than three years. James asked for the court to break up the NRA and require every one of the current and former chiefs named in the suit to pay full compensation.


Letitia James has not revealed public information about her personal and private relationships.

Last Modified: Oct 12, 2021

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