Lena Gieseke is a well-known special effects technician and artist who hails from the country of Germany. Lena Gieseke is well known for her work as a special effects technician and artist on more than ten different TV series and movies. Apart from this, Lena Gieseke is immensely popular for being the ex-wife of the world famous American movie director, Tim Burton.

Personal Life

Lena Gieseke was born on the 12th of September, in the year 1965. She was born in Bremen, in the country of Germany. The details about Lena Gieseke’s paternal background or her lineage are not available on any records to the media. In addition to this information about Lena Gieseke’s early life & childhood are not available. Though details about her ethnicity and background are nowhere seen, nor in her biography, it is known that she is a German national by virtue of her birth in the country.

As a student, Lena Gieseke attended the California Institute of Arts and it was there that she was a student of Fine Arts and Photography. In addition to this, she was also on the roll list at the Goldsmith College and the Wimbledon College in the city of London, in the United Kingdom.

Lena Gieseke and Tim Burton got a divorce owing to the fact that she learnt about his affair with a woman named Lisa Marie, who was an ex-stripper, hailing from California.


Lena Gieseke has been a part of numerous movies throughout her long career. As a visual effects technician, she began her career in the year 2008, by being a part of ‘1½ Knights – In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde’, as a part of this project, she was a 3D Artist. Following this, in the same year, Lena Gieseke worked on the visual effects for the television film named ‘Die Jahrhundertlawine’. In Addition to this, Lena was the animation artist for the movie ‘Vicky the Viking’ & she was the 3D artist for ‘Berlin ’36’.

Later in 2009, Lena served as the modeler for ‘2012’, the movie. Also, she was a part of the visual effects team behind ‘Westflug – Entführung Aus Liebe’. The other films and TV series that she has been a part of are ‘Hotel Lux’, ‘Otto’s Eleven’, ‘When Santa Fell to Earth’, ‘Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods’, and ‘Immortals’.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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