Biography of Len Cariou:

Len Cariou is a Stage and Film Actor and Television personality popularly known for his title role of Sweeney Todd. Born on 30th September 1939 at Manitoba, Canada, Cariou was named as Leonard Joseph Cariou. He inherited mixed ethnicity of his parents. His father had Breton (Celtic) ethnicity and his mother had Irish ethnicity.

Len attended Miles Macdonell Collegiate at Manitoba where he also played roles in school plays. Later he attended St. Paul’s College.

Len was attracted to Theatre and Acting from him primary days of childhood. He appeared first in Damn Yankees in 1959 at Manitoba and soon became a member of Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Len worked in Broadway, Theatre, Films, and Television. In Broadway, ‘The House of Atreus’, ‘Appluase’, ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ are some of the well-known masterpieces of his work. In films, Cariou started with ‘One Man’ in 1977 and continuously worked in many films like ‘Drying up the streets’, ‘The Four Seasons’ ‘Lady in White’, ‘Never Talk to Strangers’, and so on. Recently he worked in ‘Prisoners’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Death Wish’ and ‘Bumblebee’.

Len also worked in Television series. He worked in ‘Brotherhood’ with a recurring role of Judd Fitzgerald and as Louis Tobin in ‘Damages’. He also appeared as a narrator in ‘Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice’. There are many more. He appeared in the lead role of Al Swift in TV series ‘Swift Justice’ and also worked in television films namely ‘Into the Storm’, ‘Nuremberg’, ‘The summer of Ben Tyler’, ‘Love of the Run’ , ‘In the Company of Spies’, ‘The Sea Wolf’, ‘Class of ‘61’, ‘Surviving: A Family in Crisis’, etc.

What is Len Cariou’s Age?

Born in 1939, presently Len Cariou is 80 years old.

Is Len Cariou married?

Len Cariou has reported having a handsome and attractive personality as he had many girlfriends during his blooming period. Officially he has married thrice. He married Patricia Otter, however, the period of their marriage is not reported. They have one child from this marriage. Later Len divorced Patricia and married Susan Kapilov. Len’s marriage with Susan existed for three years and ended in 1978. Afterward, Len married Heather Summerhayes on 25 October 1986. His marriage with her still exists.

What is Len Cariou’s Net Worth?

Len Cariou has won many awards and accolades for his work. He has won ‘Tony Award’ and ‘Drama Desk Award’ and other nominations too. According to Len, these are his yardstick of success. His overall work from films to Drama has estimated to be of a Net worth of 300 thousand dollars. An honest opinion comes out of his fans that he has not earned much looking at the amount of dedication and hard work he has put in his work.

How is Len Cariou’s health?

At the age of 80, Len Cariou remains fit and active. He lives a disciplined life and devotes his work. He avoids Social Networking Sites like Twitter and other as far as possible.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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