Layla Kiffin had been married before to an American Football Coach called Lane Kiffin. The two married in the year 2004 and they dated for some months before marriage. The two have three children; they are Pressley Kiffin, Landry Kiffin and Monte Knox Kiffin. They were not able to keep up with this relationship and they ended up divorcing after being together for 12 years. After their divorce, Layla is still single and lives happy.

Layla Kiffin’s biography became a public topic the time that she married Lane Kiffin, a famous American football coach. He was head football coach for Florida Atlantic University. She is a daughter to a former footballer called John Reaves.

She is American from her nationality but the ethnicity is not clear. When it comes to talk about her childhood, there is no information of what she was doing. She was born with just one brother called David Reaves. She attended Bucholz High School and afterwards, she finished her college studies at University of Florida.

Before the divorce, Layla and Lane Kiffin were together for 15 years. They did face the downs and ups together such as college athletics, coaching changes and criss-crossing all over while also trying to bring up a family.

The two met because of his father in the year 1999. Lane was working like a graduate assistant for Colorado State in the year 1999. He met Layla when he went to see his father who was working at Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a defensive coordinator of the team. The two loved each other at once and they started to date faster. They got engaged in three months. Lane went to see her father and asked him to marry his daughter. That same day, they bought the engagement ring. Layla and Lane got married afterwards and from that time, they had stayed together.

Layla has always been involved into football. Her father, John Reaves, was quarterback for All-American. He got selected in 1972 to join the Philadelphia Eagles and he was playing for the team since 1972, Reaves played also for Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals. When Reaves retired, he continued to work mostly with football and he was serving like assistant coach for Florida since 1990 up to 1992. In the year 1994, he worked like assistant coach for South Carolina.

Lane and Layla, continue to keep the football in their family and David, her brother is working at Tennessee. David Reeves works as the volunteer of quarterback coach for a season. Layla Kiffin gave birth to the first child called Landry in the year 2005. A second daughter named Presley born in two years after while the son named Knox came in 2009. Knox name came from Knoxville and he was born when Lane was still a head coach at Tennessee.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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