Laura Dern is known as an American actress. She is most famous for her roles in 'Jurassic Park', 'Enlightened' and 'Big Little Lies'

Background and Age

Laura Elizabeth Dern was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. She is the granddaughter of politician George Dern and little girl of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd. Subsequent to going to the University of Southern California for one semester and the University of California, Los Angeles, for only two days, Dern was selected at the lofty Lee Strasberg Institute to study method acting.

Career and Net Worth

After a couple of bit acting parts during youth, Dern got her first real role in 1980, in the Adrian Lyne film Foxes. Ensuing roles included Teachers (1984) and Mask (1985), after which she shocked crowds as a defiant adolescent on edge to encounter a sexual arousing in Smooth Talk (1986). The challenging role earned Dern a New Generation Award from the Los Angeles Film Critics. That same year, she edged further toward the surreal in David Lynch's exasperating Blue Velvet.

In 1993, Dern won the hearts of the casual movie audience as a researcher in Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Jurassic Park. It was based on the famous book of the same name by Michael Crichton. That same year, she won a Golden Globe Award, best performance by an actress for her performance on HBO's Afterburn.

In 2017, Dern appeared with Witherspoon on the HBO series Big Little Lies. She figured out how to stand out notwithstanding the packed cast that included Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and other powerhouse actors. She ended up acquiring Emmy and Golden Globe wins for her depiction of the solid willed Renata Klein. That same year, Dern joined the remake of the David Lynch series, Twin Peaks and appeared as a partner to the famous Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In July 2019, fans of Big Little Lies took to the internet to demand a third season of the popular show.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

Dern married musician Ben Harper on December 23, 2005. The couple had two children together before separating in 2010. They gave birth to a son named Ellery Walker and a daughter named Jaya.

The elegant actress was recently connected with famous actor Jeff Goldblum. Their romance stemmed from their previous friendly relationship they had when they were filming Jurassic Park. Their romance did not last long and some gossip sources say that they were never more than just friends.

Last Modified: Feb 1, 2021

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