Laila Ali, an author, model, boxer and daughter of legendary Muhammad Ali. She fought 24 fights and never lost a match. She is also known by her nickname ‘She bee stingin’.

Personal Life

Ali was born on 30th of December 1977 in Florida. Her mother name is Veronica Porche Ali who was the third wife of Muhammad Ali. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business from California Santa Monica College and owned a nail salon before coming into the world of boxing.

She wrote an autobiography in which she explained the major events that occurred in her life and that make her what she is today. In August 2000, Ali got married to Johnny McClain who was her manager. But that marriage didn’t last long and they got separated in 2005. Later on, she got married to Football player Curtis Conway and they have a daughter and a son.


Laila decided to become a professional boxer at the age of 18 and she fought her first fight against April Fowler whom she knocked out during the first round. She told that her father wasn’t happy with the decision of becoming a professional boxer because he didn’t want his children to join such a dangerous game. She fought her second fight against a pro. But she again knocked her opponent out and won the game.

Laila won eight games in a row and the fans were eager to see a match between the daughters of two legendary American boxers, Laila Ali and Freeda Foreman. They finally met in the ring on the evening of June 8, 2001. Ali won the match in Eight round. Ali defeated the Super middleweight champion Valerie Mahfood and got WIBA and IWBF titles below her belt. Ali defended her title by beating Mahfood in 2003. Ali fought with Christy Martin who was her inspiration to join boxing and defeated her by knockout in the fourth round.

In July 2004, Laila fought for the world championship and won the title. She won the World Boxing Council title, she remains undefeated in Tyson-Kevin McBride fight. Ali finished her career with 24-0 (21 KO’s). In her final fight, she knocked out her opponent Gwendolyn O’Neil. Ali is a multi-talented person and she also writes a motivational book “Reach: finding strength, spirit and personal power”. She is model and appeared as health and fitness correspondent on CBS show.

Laila also hosted a show with legendary Hulk Hogan in 2008 and currently hosting a fitness show on ABC. Apart from hosting and boxing, she also appeared as a contestant in dancing competitions. She did some commercials and appeared as a host actor in some American series. Laila is a model as well. This shows the potential and talent which Laila Ali has. A few women wrestlers claimed that they challenged Ali but she refused to fight with them. On Contrary, Ali contended that these allegations were unrealistic.

Last Modified: 09 Mar, 2018

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