Kyle Chrisley is a former reality TV star and he is also known to be the first born son of Todd Chrisley, a reality TV star. His mother is called Teresa Terry and he appeared in the first season for Chrisley Knows Best, a TV show which was based on their prosperous and wealthy family.

Even if the family is prosperous and wealthy, it did not prevent him from getting in trouble and putting his family in trouble also.

Before, Kyle had been in the relationship and his girlfriend was Angela Victoria Johnson. Together they got their first daughter called Chloe Chrisley and she is 7 years now. They were not legally married so they did not ask for a divorce.

Even if their relationship was good at the beginning, in the end it went downhill since Kyle was addicted to drug and suffered bipolarity. Bipolar disorder had been among the biggest problem of Kyle since he was a young person and he tried to deal with it but he was not successful. Because of this bipolarity problem, the relationship he has with his family members is not good.

According to Angela, Kyle Chrisley was abusive and he threatened that he would stab her when she was still pregnant. At one time, he threw a bottle to her and it hit her daughter instead. After sometime, the two separated and the father of Kyle, Todd was the one to get the custody of Chloe. Todd loves Chloe and it is showed in how he likes to put her pictures on his Instagram page. He has to do everything possible so that Kyle does not come near the child. In 2013, Kyle got the visitation rights to see her daughter and he was given support duties after he filed a case against her ex girlfriend. However, up to now, the custody continues to be that of Todd.

According to his biography, Kyle Chrisley is now the husband to Alexus Chrisley. These two bought a dream house in the city of Georgia and they are ready to start their family. Now Kyle talks openly about his addictions and said that even if before he was hooked to drugs, he had stopped it and now he is ok for more than four years. He continues saying that now he wants to start a new live and had moved on.

Kyle Chrisley had sorted his problem with his family but they still do not talk much. The new home he bought is 3,000 square feet and this is not a shabby house. He is a proud homeowner. He loves his wife and he is expecting that she will be a good mother to their children. Kyle fallen out with his millionaire father when he was hospitalized and had threatened that he would kill his father because of a crack binge.

Last Modified: 15 Mar, 2018

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