Quick facts
Birth date 1 Jan, 1969
Age 51 yrs
Occupations Columnist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Fairbanks
Education Georgetown University Law Center
Gender Female
Description American journalist
Spouse Marty Makary[2010-2013]

‘Kristen Powers’ is an American columnist and a political pundit. She is currently a contributor to USA today, Newsweek and the Daily Beast. She is also a political analyst for the Fox News cable channel.

Kristen is a bible believing evangelical Christian. While growing up, she spent a lot of her adult life, as an atheist. Powers briefly dated the former Congressman Anthony Weiner in 2001 and when the relationship ended, she remained his close friend and has managed to retain that relationship, till date. In 2011, she defended him when the story of ‘Weiner’s sexting scandal’ broke but later she condemned his conduct and called for his resignation, from his post in Congress.

In 2010, Powers married Dr. Marty Makary, a professor of Public Health. They are married for almost three years and their marriage life is in the strong track, as of now. They have no plans of divorce, as of now. They do not have any children. Her first affair with Anthony Weiner ended badly, but her marriage life, is going smoothly.

She told to the public that she was defending Anthony, based on what he told her about him. However, he lied to her and the country about his sexual online misconduct. When her husband’s parents were trapped in Egypt during the revolution, he helped Kristen. She said she was disappointed by his behavior and is concerned about his capability of serving as a leader. She also mentioned that she ached for his family. She finally stated that he has fallen short of the basic standards she generally hold the elected officials and mentioned that it is time for him to let go of politics.

Martin is a television medical commentator and has written many books in the fields of medicine and for Wall Street Journal. There were rumors that she married him so that he would get a green card. Some critics said she had an affair with hum and stayed friends with Anthony, till he had powers. She even supported him initially but when she could not suppress, she went against him. When he became politically inconvenient, she ditched and withdrew her support publically.

The concept of her marrying, her Coptic Egyptian husband so that he could get a citizenship quickly, spread very fast. Her religious beliefs are also criticized as she calls herself as an orthodox Christian. She was raised Episcopalian which is same as that of the Roman Catholic and she took up two different Catholic colleges, namely the Georgetown and the university of Maryland.

Beyond all these controversies and criticism, her career growth and professional work are praised by many people. Her fans follow her, through social media. Her marriage life is going on the right track as of now though the past affair with the Congressman did create few problems, when she first supported him and then went against him, accusing that he lied to her. Was she biased against him? Did she abandon him when problems arose?

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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