Kristen Miller is American Actress in the year 1976. She is well known for the roles she had like in USA High where she was Ashley Elliot and in She Spies, she was Deedra D.D Cummings. She was Princess Stevenson with the comedy series called That’s my Bush.

Miller had main roles or guest appearances in different TV shows like It hate My 30’s, Joey, Two and Half Men, Charmed, Undressed, The Glades, Castle, Mad Men, Dexter, 90210 and Las Vegas. She had also been in the films such as Single White Female 2: the Psycho, the Fallen Ones, and Team America: World Police and Cherry Falls.

She had a voice over role in the Rio Character of the Lifeline video game. Miller grew up in the city of Manhattan Beach in California. She got married to the television producer called Morgan Langley and their wedding took place in 2007.

From her biography, she became a mother and she likes to talk about the experience she had as a mother. It was not easy for her to get a child, since she had to wait up to seven years before getting their baby. They got their baby on Christmas day and it was a baby boy. She was the sweetheart with her husband for over sixteen years before they get married. They were high school sweethearts and now they are having a baby together. They met when she was a freshman in the High School and she felt that there is string that was tying them together. She had never felt such strong feeling until getting their son. Since having a baby requires too much time, they still try to get time for one another.

After being married, she waited too long to get the child but it was not easy. The husband, friends and family played a great role in helping her to keep her head straight, to stay hopeful and to continue laughing. When she became pregnant, she was happy and it felt like it was a miracle. She had immense gratitude.

When it came to her giving birth, she started the labor on the morning of Christmas but after having 12 hours in labor, she was told that the baby flipped. He went full breech and they had to do the emergency c-section. Her grandfather died in one week before the birth of her son. With the death and birth at the same time, she felt bittersweet.

During her pregnancy, she was having oranges, peanuts butter, plain yogurt and sourdough toast. She was wearing Gap Body maternity t-shirts, cotton button up dress, and the sweatpants. From the time she became a mother, she started to see the world in different way. When she is not happy with what happens, she calls other mothers to give him advice. Her son loves dirt, leaves, animals and books.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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