Kliff Kingsbury was born in the year 1979 on August 9th. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas to his parents. He has not mentioned anything about his siblings. His father was a veteran of the Vietnam War and his mother was a homemaker. Kliff’s mother passed away during the peak time of his career which made him depressed. the football player went to the Texas Tech University to earn his graduation degree and later went to the Rawls College of Business with a major in business administration.

Kliff played football from his early high school days when he went to the New Braunfels High School. His father was the coach of the same school so it was quite easier for him to get a chance in the school’s football team. Kliff also took great interest in other sports like baseball and basketball. Kliff played as a quarterback for the team and also appeared in the semi finals of Class 5A Division II and also made a 13–2 record.

He joined the Texas High School Coaches All-Star Game after this where he was named as the offensive MVP. Kliff played so well that he even qualified the Academic All-State selection. According to the reports of the media, Kliff is not involved in any relationships and does not even have any children.


When Kliff Kingsbury went to the university, he started playing for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He played as a quarterback player and was coached by Spike Dykes for a year and by Mike Leach for another year. He appeared in 43 games with the Texas Tech Red Raiders during his term. While going out from the university, Kliff held 39 records in his quarterback career. In the year 1999, Kliff appeared in six games during his redshirt freshman year.

He made several records by the year 2000. He also defeated the East Carolina Pirates in the game and won. In the year 2003, Kliff appeared in the NFL Draft for the New England Patriots. He faced an arm injury during the league and he had to back off from the game. Kliff signed Denver Broncos and New York Jets in the year 2005 and in the next year, he received an offer from Buffalo Bills. In the year 2008, Kliff began his coaching career with the Houston Cougars.

The football player joined the University of Houston as a staff to began his professional coaching career. Later, he also joined the Oklahoma State University as an offensive coordinator. Kliff started working with the Texas A&M in the year 2011 and also welcomed Kevin Sumlin as his coordinator for the game. Kliff has also secured several awards and honours during his career period.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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