Krishnik Ball is known as a popular rapper of the music industry. He is known among the people for his presence in the hip-hop trio group. He is known for his famous singles among the audience.

Personal life

Krishnik Ball was born in the year 1994 on June 18. He was born in Georgia, in the United States of America. He has an American - African ethnicity and holds American nationality. His parents belonged to a middle class society due to which Ball did not get enough scope to receive good academic facilities. He showed interest towards music from early childhood but did not get a chance to take music lessons as his parents could not afford it.

He used to watch music shows on television and listened to various radio shows. Ball considered it as his favorite pass time and even wrote his own lyrics. His parents never took him seriously so during his teenage, he started doing some part time job to attend music classes. When he was at class seven, he began mixing beats and developing rhythm.

Ball’s friends were surprised at his creativity and joined him in to form a group of rappers. They also performed in many school programs and even outside school. It was then when Ball started taking his rapping career seriously. He had to face a lot of struggles to achieve success in his career. He has not shared any information about his personal life and affairs with the media. He prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight of the media. He looks very handsome with a height of 5 feet 10 inches and body weight of 79 kgs. The color of his eyes and hair is black. He is still doing great in his rapping career with his back to back hits.


Krishnik Ball rose to fame with his hip-hop trio ‘Migos’ when he released his singles ‘Versace’. His singles instantly became the favourite of the audience. He adopted his stage name Takeoff to make himself look funkier. After launching ‘Migos’, Ball reached many popular artists of the industry. He requested them to give him a chance to show his talent. Seeing his dedication and patience for his passion, he was given chance with several artists.

Later he launched the remix of the song ‘Versace’ and created a remix version of it. He launched several albums after ‘Migos’ which were hits. Ball has also earned several nominations, awards and honors in his career for his excellent albums. His first album ‘Migos’ was nominated for several categories in the BET awards event.

Ball has never been in controversy and was not even subjected to rumors due to his career. However, he had to face a bit of controversy in his personal life due to some tragic incidents. He was humiliated a lot in the social media platform due to the incident when he, in a drunk state, slept beside a girl. When the girl posted his pictures on social media, he had to face a lot of humiliation. He was also arrested once by the police along with his group for drug possession.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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