Kimberly Woollen is a dancer and an American. She became to be well known as the wife of musician and singer Glen Campbell who died in 2017. She was born in the year 1959 and she spent her childhood in USA. She was born as Kim Woolen but she became Kim Campbell after the marriage. There is not much information about her biography and she does not like to talk too much about her education.

She started the career in dancing fraternity. She got interested to become a dancer when she was still too young and dancing helped her to continue a career like a dancer. She likes to maintain her privacy and she does not interact too much with the media. At the other side, the late husband had been a popular singer, songwriter, a musician and also an actor who died because of Alzheimer’s. He died when he was 81 years old. Campbell left eight children and his wife.

Kimberly Wollen came to know about her husband through Carl Jackson, a banjo player of Campbell who set them for a blind date, Carl was a boyfriend of Woolen’ friend during that time. The date was a dinner at Waldorf-Astoria and the parents of Campbell were there. When she met Campbell, she did not know too much about his music but this did not prevent them to have a stronger relationship. The wedding ceremony was at North Phoenix Baptist Church in the Arizona.

Campbell was called a lady’s man and he married for the first time in the year 1955, he was 17 and the girlfriend 15 and he’d made him pregnant. They got two children, one child died when he was still infant and another one is Debby Campbell. The couple asked for a divorce in the year 1959. Afterwards, he got married to a beautician named Billie Jean Nunley and he gave birth to Kane, Kelli and Travis Campbell.

However in the end, Campbell got tired because of expensive lifestyle of Nunley and thought that she is absentee mother to the children. The two divorced in the year 1975 and this is when Campbell had become popular. He got married to Sarah Berg and the marriage lasted four years and this when he got the third child called Dillon Ian Campbell. Berg said that she divorced him because he had many affairs. He also dated Tanya Tucker, but the relationship ended when he saw Woolen.

Campbell and Woolen gave birth to Cal, Shannon and Ashley Campbell. All the children became musicians and they worked with the father in the touring entourage.

Kimberly Woollen wrote about the problems of someone suffering Alzheimer’s and the effect it has to the family. It was under the title, The King of Campbellot and it was posted on the site of Alzheimer’s support group. She talks about how her husband became childlike and started to be protected against everything as a child.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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