Kimberly Woolen, born on April 3rd 1959 is an American Professional Dancer. Woolen attracts a considerable amount of the media spotlight due to her marriage to legendary American country singer Glen Campbell.

Personal Life

Kimberly Woolen an American citizen by birth experienced a great part of her early life in the United States of America. Information regarding her early personal life is scarcely available due to her concerns of privacy. Additionally there is no information available about her education, family background.

Kimberly Woolen met her future husband, Glen Campbell on a blind date which was set up by Carl Jackson, the banjo player who played alongside Campbell. The date which comprised of a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria had Campbell’s parents in attendance too. Though Woolen didn’t take the date too seriously initially, upon meeting Campbell, she felt that there was something special about him. The similar feeling was reciprocated by Campbell as well, who couldn’t stop thinking about her and asked her out once again. Despite having very little knowledge about his music, the couple hit it off well and were in a serious relationship by 1981.

Before Woolen met Campbell, his reputation of being a womaniser was widespread, his first marriage was to Diane Kirk, who was pregnant with his child, at the age of 15. They got married in 1955 and had two children, one being Debby Campbell while the other died in it’s infancy. After divorcing her in 1959, Campbell went on to marry twice again before he met Woolen.

Woolen and Campbell got married on October 25th 1982, at the North Phoenix Baptist Church, Arizona. The couple was blessed with three children through the entire duration of their marriage, the oldest being Cal Campbell, who was born in 1983. Followed by the birth of Shannon Campbell in 1985 and the youngest being Ashley Campbell, born in 1986.

All the three children followed their father’s footsteps and ventured into music, such that each one of them had performed alongside Campbell and his band.

When Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in the year 2011, Woolen took it upon herself to take care of him and made sure that he had all his necessities were met to.

In 2014, Woolen even took the decision to move Campbell to a full-time care facility in Florida. For this decision she faced great resistance from Campbell’s family and backlash from his sizeable fan following. As Campbell’s condition worsened, his condition steadily deteriorated until he breathed his last on August 8,2017, he had lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. Through the entire duration of Campbell’s struggle, Woolen continued to blog about his battle and details of his daily life. The innumerable essays written by Woolen detailing her support to Campbell was much appreciated by his fans. In his will, Campbell left his estate and belongings to Woolen, thus propelling her net worth significantly north of 50 million USD.


Initially, Woolen began her career as a part of a dancing fraternity. Her passion for dance flourished there and it was the major catalyst in Woolen choosing to pursue a career as a professional dancer. However, after she was married to singer Glen Campbell, her career took a backseat and she had a greater role in family life.

Last Modified: Nov 12, 2018

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