Kevin Lanflisi came to be known because of the relationship he had with Aaron Rodgers. There were rumors about Aaron and there is no clear answer of what it was real taking place with them. However, Aaron said that even if he is a roommate and a friend of Kevin, he is not gay since he likes women. Kevin Lanflisi was the roommate of Aaron Rodgers and his personal assistant for a long period. However, it is said that he was more than just assistant since it is believed that the relationship was deeper than just friendship.

Such rumors changed when Aaron decided to date Daisy Newton who was his childhood friend. However, this also did not dispel the rumors since Kevin started positing the tweets about having his heart broken and left the house of Rodgers. Afterwards, Aaron dated Olivia Munn, an actress and they are now married.

From his biography, Kevin Lanflisi also got married and his wife is Sarah. The truth of the relationship of Aaron and Kevin is yet to come out. When it comes to the job of Kevin, there is no clear information of what he is doing expect that he lived with a well known and famous person. From the year 2008, for some years, he was writing and performing poetry. He is an assistant to this renowned person and he attended the essential function, parties and ceremonies with Aaron. His exact net worth is not yet disclosed but it is said that he lives a good life.

In addition of being the personal assistant of Aaron, there is not that much information about his personal life. There is no information about his own birthday or information about his family and parents. The actual age has not been disclosed to the public yet, but it is said that he may be in the thirties.

Kevin had attended many sports awards and they always wear color coordinated clothes. Kevin became first person who Aaron who he did embrace during the winning of Super Bowl by Packers. Lanflisi had to leave Wisconsin so that he can go to live in California.

Aaron Rodgers is the alleged lover of Kevin Lanflisi. He was born in the year 1983 and he is American football quarterback in National football League under Green Bay Packers. Rodgers started to play in College football under California Golden Bears. In this level, he set many records and they include the lowest single season with the career interception rates. He had been chosen to join The Packers in the NFL draft of 2005. He spent 3 years as Brett Favre’s Brett Favre Backup and then become the quarterback. He helped them to win the Super Bowl XLV against Pittsburgh Steelers during the NFL season of 2010. During this period, he was called Super Bowl MVP. In the year 2011, he got named to be Associated Press Athlete of the year.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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