Kevin Corke has his profession as a journalist and he is very successful as he is a White House Correspondent for Fox News.

Personal Life

Kevin was born in the United States of America and he is African-American by ethnicity. Kevin doesn’t have much desire to provide personal information and there are not many details available either for his birth date or for his early childhood. The only information we have is that Kevin is 1.88m, has dark facial features, black hair and dark brown eyes. He has social networks profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and he is active.

There is very little information available in particular, about the education, he has received. He studied at the University of Colorado and at the same University, he received a Bachelor and Master's degree. After graduating from the University, he studied at Harvard University and received a Master's Degree. He has also been honored with the Littauer Fellow award for dedication, academic excellence and the desire to work with the public.


Kevin started his career as a sportscaster at 9 News KUSA also served as a play-by-play broadcaster for ESPN. At ESPN in Bristol, Kevin worked for a short time because he would not be able to refuse another job. At that time, he anchored the "Sports Center". Then, he was serving as a coordinating producer and broadcasted straight to the Olympic Games in Toronto and Atlanta. He had a lot of success and then he won a lot of fame.

As we mentioned earlier, Kevin worked as a sports anchor for broadcasting in the morning and at the end of the week. Afterwards, in 2004-2008, Kevin worked as a correspondent and was part of the Bush Administration and a member of the House Press Corps. Kevin has won several prizes for his journalism career and has had great success in his field. In 2009, he won the award for Regular Scheduled Newcast and then he was felt really fulfilled about his profession and his achievements. He has, of course, won other prizes in the field of Journalism.

Kevin is very active in Social networks and especially on Twitter. He has so many followers and he tweets more than 550 but in other social networks, he is not very active. There is also some recent controversy regarding mass-deleted in its tweets. But in terms of his career, the journalist has the same fame and nobody is talking that he might have crises in his personal career. He was able to do the best because he was the right person to achieve a great success in this field. Kevin Croke loves his job and he is totally a humble person and really dedicated to do the best of best. While Croke was working for the White House, he left a good impression on the president and he was really appreciated for his talent and his dedication to his job.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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